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    Recommend me a phone holder

    Why do so many posts result in arguments and sarcasm. Nigel only asked a civil question.
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    Aldi bottle jack 5t £9.99

    Yeah I bought it for ÂŁ12.99 and took it back cos it was crap. They've now sold it to you with 3 quid off.
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    Black necked grebe ?

    As above Little Grebe
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    Bloody Pheasants !

    Pink and smart in the same sentence really shouldn't go together. :sicker: Just grab me coat.:winky:
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    Kontiki n/s mirror

    I have a 2004 Fiat based Kontiki n/s mirror I wish to get rid of. It is the original long arm type and is in good condition. If it is any use to anyone you are welcome to it.
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    TT 2019

    Balls of steel. Well done lads.
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    Sod the rain

    Not too many beaches where you need a swimming costume and a sturdy pair of walking boots.:)
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    Great unusual site.

    The only thing that puts me off is the fire pits. I hate the smell of smouldering wood wafting into the van until the early hours of the morning. Apart from that the setting looks great.
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    OK, is this person real?

    Well if he's a big lump thats me in the clear.
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    Toilet blues

    You have closed it properly from inside I take it. Nearly pulled the handle off my cassette before I realised I hadn't closed it tightly enough.
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    We too are in the same fortunate position. Age is a most relevant factor in deciding what to do with a lump sum. We all hope to live long but it is not a certainty. I am 65 and this year saw my brother pass away at 70. We have decided to enrich our daughters life style and will not be holding...
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    At Last Found It!, Been driving me mad, so it has.

    Sometimes hairy ears and tinnitus can be a good thing.
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    Any idea what this is for?

    That is the dirtiest roof I have seen since I last looked at mine some years ago.
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    Blackpool illumination

    Looks like you might need a hat,scarf and coat.
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    An (Almost) MH Friendly Cooked Oyster Recipe

    I can't eat anything out of a shell that has been in the sea or a river but well done you. 🤢