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    Elddis Grey Water tap replacement.

    Proper job! (y)
  2. mushy

    Is this mold

    I would try mildew cleaner.
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    Van roof cleaning ideas?

    Had a look at mine yesterday, there are lichens up there as bis as daisies and with tenacious grip. The biggest ones I had to scrape off but the small ones are just as reluctant to come off. Is there a product to remove them or is it just elbow grease needed. Just trying to make the job easier...
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    Abbreviations.......WTH does that mean?

    Sometimes abbreviations such as BBW, BBC and MILF can be a good thing to save blushing faces.
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    Finished these today......

    Very clever, beautiful works of art.:clap2:
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    2009 Alloy Wheels

    Save a shed load of money and keep looking for something you do like a bit more and the money saved will fund a complete holiday. Bet you're the only one that looks at them.
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    Help with waterworks.

    Same for me. Let it run out for a few seconds to wash any bugs out that might have been in your van and fill the tank.
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    When cars had "proper" bumpers!

    We had a diesel engined welder on site parked next to a wall. After several attempts I managed to start it on full throttle but the handle did not come off the shaft. I must have done a 100 yard sprint in about 4 seconds. We used it all day without going near it until it eventually run out of juice.
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    Positive. (nothing negative please)

    Form an orderly queue behind me please.
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    How useful is an ebike really?

    We have had our e bikes for six months and are over the moon with them. Bought 2 trail bikes as no need for mountain bikes and they handle all the trails that we have been on. It makes cycling enjoyable because although you have to pedal with the 3 stage electric modes you just click it into a...
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    Charging ebike batteries when not on hook up

    How often do people charge their batteries. I was told when I bought mine to let them run down as far as safely possible before charging but I have heard other people say they keep them topped up all the time.
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    To reverse or not to reverse?

    Perhaps you should get a spade and dig a groop to lower the high end and taking the strain off the handbrake.
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    To reverse or not to reverse?

    Drive up. My reverse gear is so high I can near enough reverse up a hill as fast as I can drive up.
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    That was incredible. :clap:
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    I feel short-changed............

    I once wrote a motorbike off which was completely my fault,no-one else involved. My claim was rejected because on my application form I had missed a tick box. I told the insurance company through a very tense vociferous face to face conversation that they were happy enough to take my money...