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  • Hi , thank you for all the info regarding the autograph. What you said struck a cord when you said about the occasional family members joining you . We also would only have occasional guests and only 2 grandkids at a time , maybe we should look at the 4 berth šŸ™„. Thereā€™s so much choice out there , we didnā€™t realise how much until we recently started looking. We are going to continue our search .Thanks again , carol
    MR BLO
    MR BLO
    No worries. Layout preference is the most important part of the van selection process. We drew up a list of must have, should have, could have and the Bailey came out on top for us and we love it.
    A lot easier to find a 4 berth with a nice bed and comfortable lounge area I feel.
    ā€˜Very best of luck with the search. Take care and hopefully see you on a Fun rally with your new steed one day. Steve
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