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    Timberland Motorhomes

    Very often the deal is done 'on trust' based on the customer's description to the dealer. Many people do not have their motorhome with them when they do a deal. And, if it is appraised early, it will still need to be appraised again on arrival at the dealership.
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    Manchester Show

    A little late perhaps, but just to let you all know I have secured 10 pairs of Free Tickets to the Manchester Caravan and Motorhome Show in January. Closing date for entries will be midnight 18th January. Further information and entry instructions are here Good Luck !
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    Ford Assistance

    I looked into this when setting up some vehicles for a hire fleet last year - after going round the houses on the phone to Ford and the AA and getting no definitive answer, we took the decision to add EuropAssist to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes which were going to be used in Europe. Probably ok in...
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    Buying from a Dealer

    The sale (or inclusion in a sale) of insurance products relative to motor vehicles is regulated by the FSA. Before any discussions commence regarding any insurance product, including 'free' warranties, extended warranties, PPI or Gap insurance, the person doing the presentation must present...
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    Motorhome shows Continental Europe

    Here is a link to all the European shows (not in English though) Reisemobil International - Messetermine
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    BEWARE!! Warranties on base vehicles

    Does it not confirm in the warranty booklet that the warranty starts from the date of registration?
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    which bottles?

    Question - Can you fit this stuff yourself or does it have to be done by a Corgi fitter and gas tested?
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    What Motorhome

    Fiat gearbox problems mostly on pre '03, particulary when stood for long periods. The 5th gear is in a housing outside of the main gearbox and oil drains away when stood and takes some time to get back up there again. Generally, Fiat engines are very solid, particularly the 2.8 which was...
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    What Motorhome

    OK, so we are aware of your budget, what about layout? This is crucial because unless you get this right, that 30k will become alot more if you can't live with it. You mention Elddis 180, which is rear lounge, but there aren't that many german layouts like it. How many people are going...
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    Inspection List?

    It is in the dealer's interest to check the vehicle as thoroughly as possible (see above), however that is not the same as a full shakedown in the first few trips. However good the dealers PDI is, he cannot be expected to go over every nut, bolt and jubilee clip - a PDI is a Pre Delivery...
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    Timberland Motorhomes

    Timberland have been around for a while now and have gradually increased their brand portfolio as dealers as well as manufacturers. Their production capacity is on the increase to cope with demand, so they must be doing something right. Generally speaking, Timberland motorhomes offer a high...
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    Newark-Anyone visiting for the day?

    Turns out I'll be 'visiting' both days :) Carefree Motorhome Hire have kindly given me a little space on their stand indoors (Stand 16). Look forward to meeting a few of you there :)
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    What if I uprate my MPW?

    I'm familiar with the Advantage and 3495kg MTPLM was the standard but a factory upgrade was available and some dealers bought them in on Maxi Chassis. There is a slim chance that it might be on Maxi chassis and downgraded to 3500. First thing to check is the wheel size. If its on 16" rims...
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    Trigano Tribute 650

    I did a feature on the 650 here, which has a few comments in the editorial. There have been some owner comments about the cab seating being rather high and furniture not being too robust, plus the issue of water getting into the engine bay (lots of comments on the forums about that!)...
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    We've done it again; NEC Free Ticket Draw

    Great. Enjoy the Show - I'll be there too, mainly to fill in product gaps for our site.