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  • Well recovering from our trip through the "Welsh Alps". What a great day, we could not have done it on our own.
    We are so grateful, it was lovely to spend the day with you and the afternoon tea. Thank you Martin for all the driving
    you did you must be tired. So don't forget when you are in our area we will take you a scenic trip of the Peak District.
    Looking forward to seeing you again at Malvern.
    Hi Carron and Martin
    Lovely to meet you both at Chester. I hope the house was ok when you got home.
    We are looking forward to meeting you next week. I will give you a buzz when we are at the holiday site and all set up.
    Hope the sun will be shining.
    See you soon
    Margaret and Dave.
    Hi you two just having a play around with this site really enjoyed the weekend nice and cheap brilliant parked the van up until mid sept start working weekends again how's the fridge and Barbie fitting enjoy Malvern keep us updated on your travels after Malvern ceri and carol
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