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  • Hi. I am a new member and am interested in the Schaudt device. If I pay for the device and postage in advance would you be willing to send it?
    Re frequent traveller. Are you looking to take 6 and other traveler 4. Have you worked out costs etc might be interested in a 4
    Hi again,
    I need to order 2more snaplight handles but can't find the reference to the site/ advert you sent me (2 years ago?).
    Hoping you might still have it ?
    Hi I also have a problem with my ISRI seat backrest . How did you remove the cover and handle before replacing the spring
    You remove the oblong piece first, by putting screwdriver in the slot at the bottom of oblong piece but make sure you try and keep it square as its held on by a plastic piece going in a hole and the the rest of the cover unclips.
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