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  • Anyone got any as electric bikes for sale. cheers Jim.
    Are you still looking for 2 AS bikes if so I have 2 for sale they are the 20in bikes .
    1 is silver and the other is white .They we’re purchased in July 2020 so very little use as you can imagine.
    We are looking for £650 each or £1200 for the pair.
    Look forward to hearing from you


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    Hi . I'm off to Morocco at the end of Jan for a 4 wk tour and all the gas discussions on the forum are making my head spin. Your post: “(Moroccan) bottles use same fittings as Gaslow. I bought a local bottle, replaced my no 2 Gaslow bottle with it. Hose went straight on, no need for an additional regulator.” How does that work exactly, do you mind explaining? (My experience is limited to UK/Calor so I have no clue.)
    I had an injection problem on my hymer 2001 & nobody in Agadir seems to know how to fix it. Car is now in Agadir since monday.
    I tried to ring Mustafa as suggested, but he seems to have another nr., i also can not find given address. Does sbd. Have updated info? Please
    Hi again,
    You recently were good enough to give me details of your frequent traveller discount. Just to let you know that the organiser of our group going to Spain has made a booking on our behalf so we were unable to use your code. Nevertheless it was a very generous offer and much appreciated.
    Can I be cheeky and ask if you would be kind enough to let me know the details of how to get a discount on the Spain crossing ,please. We are going in May but on the motorbike so it might apply anyway.
    Phil65. I'm very sorry but we will have to withdraw from the rally as Liz my wife as been admitted to hospital with a brain haemorrhage, we don't know how long she will be in hospital or how it will affect her afterwards. hopefully we can make it next year. Phil
    Hi Makems I've put my name down for your Hartlepool rally but as this is my first rally with the funsters I did'nt know a deposit had to be paid , please accept my apologies and please don't think less of me I'll know now for next time, see you on the 16th. John
    Hi Mike we are missing from the list at the moment. Our deposit has been paid, and we will be arriving on the Thursday. Ginny and Mike
    Hello me again and still interested in your Gaslow bottle.
    We leave for Greece on April 27 th. Will you be back from Morocco before then? Also how much would you want for it please. We have been to Morocco for the last two years and absolutely love it. Going again in 2016.
    Peatmoor. Thanks for the comment on your experiences on Morocco, I have an expensive piece of kit and don't want to sustain any damage from missiles, I will have to continue to assess the risk before we embark on the ferry to Morocco this winter.
    Hi Mike, we took our Burstner in for remedial work - one of their staff dropped a set of ladders down the back panel - and whilst we were there I pointed out that the alloy wheels were discoloured and crazing, they looked at them took photos and said they had had a number which had to be replaced. Hope everything goes well on Friday.

    Ginny and Mike
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