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  • Hi Wedgy!
    Not sure if I'm sending a PM here as I'm new to this site, but would you consider sharing your Brittany Ferries discount code with me? I noticed in threads that you have messaged others hence I'm trying to contact you.
    Thanks very much in advance for your help,
    if you want to go ahead send me your address and post code, got a price with hermes, my phone number is 07711045644
    Hi wedgy will get them wrapped up i got a rough estimate of £5 so total price will be £35 if thats ok. if thats ok i will send you my bank details.
    Hi Wedgy, sorry to bother you again but we've just found the cheapest booking on DFDS so won't need the Brittany Ferries discount. Sorry about that, didn't do my homework before writing to you. Many thanks, Urihaz
    Hi Wedgy, We're off to France this week and wondered if you still have a ferry discount code? I hadn't heard of such a thing till I saw this thread and hope I'm not being rude asking you! (BTW, what's a PM?) Best regards, Urihaz
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