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    HELP !!!! Desperate for LPG Southwest England

    Thats a bit of an increase!
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    HELP !!!! Desperate for LPG Southwest England

    Have you tried the Winning post services on A38 east bound opposite Exeter Racecourse on Haldon hill? There was no sign that Trago was out of gas yesterday so not sure but did notice it was 83p per litre.
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    uk passport expiry.. France

    Sorry! I posted the wrong link
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    uk passport expiry.. France

    You can check
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    What do you do with your spare keys?

    Keysafe for us. Keys and a credit card
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    2019 Twins

    We are! Just got back from another weekend away And still can’t quite believe how good it is!
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    Reversing camera electrics

    There’s an adaptor on eBay which comes from a German company which appears not to contradict what’s being quoted on the many helpful comments on here. It’s £43 though which is ok providing that it’s going to do the job. The DAB connection to the aerial does appear to work. No ewe turns.
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    Reversing camera electrics

    The original radio on ours did work but every time we drove past a sheep which was standing the signal went down. Once I have the FAKRA to radio aerial input connector I will let you know if it’s any better. If it doesn’t work better then I’m going to get a booster for around £16.00 from Amazon...
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    Reversing camera electrics

    Thanks for the responses. I’m just finishing my dinner and going up to the van to have another look based on what you’ve said. Thanks for responding so quickly. I’ll let you know if I can get it working. If all else fails I was planning to open the back of the camera and if the cable to it is...
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    Reversing camera electrics

    There were three connections in addition to the block which now connects through the connect2 interface etc. One is the FM aerial, the other two are DAB aerial and GPS signal aerial. I don’t know which of the latter two is which as I am awaiting the DAB connectors to arrive. I will not use the...
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    Reversing camera electrics

    I’ve just swapped our Uconnect dab/satnav set for a pioneer because of the larger screen and apple play. The only problem I’ve yet to solve is the connection between the input on the rear of the pioneer and the cable from the camera. I’ve dealt with the the handbrake cable and the reverse gear...
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    Bigbury on Sea Beach, Devon

    There’s usually a field open for parking in the summer on the right off the main road not too far back from the beach. Much cheaper than the car park and lots of space. Nice path off the road leads to the beach
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    Unregistered Campervan

    Bought ours in 2019 and it was delivered to us, we found out two weeks later that it wasn’t on the DVLA website. Quick phone call and it was revealed that for what ever reason it wasn’t registered. It was fairly quickly sorted out but it was a tense few days waiting to see if the registration -...
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    Sell me your PVC...!!!!!!

    I used to think fixed beds were a waste of living space in van conversion but it really is all down to how and where you use it as with everything. Realised we rarely ‘lounge’ in the van, we are outdoors mostly as vast majority of time away is spent in warmer climes. The front dinette gets used...