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  1. Louis

    Door lock help

    Wd40 will ease off the rust, 2 days later it can be packed with suitable grease
  2. Louis

    Door lock help

    The barrel seems rusty, spray wd40 into it ?
  3. Louis

    Some will not like this.

    I'm sorry, but I'd have done the same ? Dont know what happened it's a reply to Brains
  4. Louis

    Leisure electrics dead - and no wiring diagram

    Have a look at the fuses under the drivers seat, you can remove the trim from behind the seat, same goes for passenger seat
  5. Louis

    cupbard catches auto trail apache 2019

    Apache 2019 as in heading, ( Autotrail)
  6. Louis

    Second home owners reprimanded?

    Yes we know that ?
  7. Louis

    Second home owners reprimanded?

    For information :- listen to tv news, read newspapers, no need for me to educate ?
  8. Louis

    Second home owners reprimanded?

    A lot are missing the point arent they? As you rightly stated "Prior" is the Key Word ?
  9. Louis

    Second home owners reprimanded?

    Then go out shopping and infect the local community, good plan?
  10. Louis

    Side light issue..fuse?

    Dont you carry spare bulbs while travelling abroad ?
  11. Louis

    The Magic Bank Account

    Well stuff painting the remaining walls tomorrow ?
  12. Louis

    Today I saw a Nurse.

    Very apt & moving ?
  13. Louis

    Number driving /front fog lights

    check them working directly from battery
  14. Louis

    What would you have been up to this weekend?

    France for a week ?
  15. Louis

    Birthday Boy.

    I'll drink a pint to celebrate your birthday tonight! I was going to buy you beer all night! Now I'll have to drink the bloody lot myself! Wishing you Good Health asap!! ??? ian