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    help and advice on buying autotrail

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    Trouble with German trade plates

    The export plates are a legal requirement in Germany but €500 does appear to be OTT. You could enquire at the TUV office in the dealers area to see how much they are then you would know if the dealer is stitching you up. If they are a lot cheaper you can then ask why he is charging so much.
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    Wiring confirmation?

    Elektroblocks and CBE distribution units have a solar input which then feeds the solar power via the internal shunt. If you have a control panel with a digital display it will then take into account the solar charge current.
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    Lenny's on a Short Winter Break

    I was waiting for that. :ROFLMAO:
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    Lenny's on a Short Winter Break

    And the winner is Helen scousebird €28 We don't normally risk steaks in France so often as tough as old boots. This place wasn't much more than a snack bar at the side of the road with hickety pickety terresed seating, just had good vibes with loads of people from the local area eating. We...
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    Lenny's on a Short Winter Break

    Video didn't do it justice it was far worse than it looked. As we came into the square you will see a road sign on the left, to get around I had to bump the rear wheel over a high kerb with the sign about 4" from the side of the van. The other end another road sign on the left with another big...
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    Is it possible to insure people younger than 25 as the second driver on a motorhome?

    :welco: Afraid to say it will be very unlikely, also if your van is over 3500kg she won't have a licence to drive it.
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    Lenny's on a Short Winter Break

    Hi Steve, I know you are around this area somewhere, is it West of Carcassonne? I thought you were normally in Portugal this time of year. Mi wants to visit Carcassonne not good for an FLT with the Aire at over €15 a night. The weather so good here at the moment so we think we will stay in the...
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    Chinese heater

    Have a look at this thread.
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    Lenny's on a Short Winter Break

    One for Judith jumartoo. Beeding satnags & stupid French parking. Had to go the wrong way up a one way street in the end.
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    Which Hymer is best? Hymer B558 Premium Line OR Hymer ML-I 580

    Well done, as you are not collecting it until June I hope you only left a small deposit and will pay the balance on collection.
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    Funsters stickers, why don't you...?

    We have met loads of lovely Funsters because of their's or our stickers, also my registration is a bit of a giveaway.
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    Lenny's on a Short Winter Break

    Very convenient a small restaurant/bar next to the Aire.
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    Lenny's on a Short Winter Break

    Nice and quiet we are the only ones here, not much in the village going to walk up to Chateau de Pyrepertuse in the morning. Found the launderette.
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    Lenny's on a Short Winter Break

    Moved on today now at Duihac-soues-Pyrepertuse in the Pyrenees warmer inland 25° today. Whoops coordinates turned off. 42.86161, 2.56496