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    DO I CANCEL MY NEW SWIFT VAN - Obviously they don't give a Sh!t

    Worse finish than mine, and mine is 9 years old. If that is how they finish what is on show, I wouldn’t want to own what is hidden.
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    New Tyres? Why waste money, a mesmerising insight into another world

    I bet that takes some wheel weights to stop the wobble. 😳
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    ALCOHOL ... how much do you imbibe?

    I thought I’d read that the quantities of alcohol they say you should drink were just guessed amounts. No science to it.
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    Hair straightener advice

    All I can add to the straightener thread is. Don’t get full monty super dupa electronic ones (such as GHD) and try running them off an inverter. Basic electric (cheap) ones will work off an inverter though. 👍🏻
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    Exciting times ahead, hopefully 😉

    You’ll feel at home here then 🤭🤭🤭
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    help. Where can we buy a EHU adaptor near Ypres?

    Don’t have your fridge set to max. This tends to work it too hard and is less effective. I run mine at three of five LEDs. So just above midway. The fridge should cool whilst driving, and I will be taking that power from your engine battery whilst engine is running. Gas should be the power...
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    help. Where can we buy a EHU adaptor near Ypres?

    Not wishing to teach you the obvious, but, are you sure the fridge is switching power source?
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    AVTEX - Av they had their day?

    Yes if using a UK purchased Sim.
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    Unexpected nipple in viewing area

    Temp sensor.
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    Help needed with ZF gearbox parts.

    Does the gearbox contain a diff? But these guys do ZF boxes,
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    SOLD Internal screens

    Great. Thank you.
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    SOLD Internal screens

    Would you be willing to post?
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    For those interested in pet travel to Europe

    If you already have passports for the dogs then they can still travel now, and at any point, as the passport still work/counts. The failed test,, the new jab, the wait and all that associated stuff only matters if we leave EU. That is why all of this is silly. Our vet told us that most dogs...
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    Newbie - New Routines for MoHo

    If I use my rear steadies, I then put the winding handle across the pedals, so I can’t drive van without being reminded about rear steadies.
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    Topping up gearbox oil on a Fiat Ducato

    Castro’s Syntrans is what I put in mine.