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    I love what this guy has done with plywood for his self build.

    Ehhhh. All that work, then use the wrong screws.
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    Adria coral interior lights

    Replaced all mine in my Coral. I bought replacements from atenlighting. I ended up changing many a second time as I didn’t want them as bright, so make that decision now, and save a few quid. most of mine were these
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    Calcium build up

    Citric acid every year for us. Very hard water here in the south. By it via amazon and used about 2kgs of the stuff.
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    Self levelling systems

    Was a real benefit to the French chap who got stuck in the aire we were on in France. Pressed a button up he went, I shoved stuff under his wheel, he dropped, then drove forward, repeat, then on to the road. Would have been a bugger of a job without them. but too costly for my old bus.
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    Taking your pet to Europe ?

    we’ve also been told to always take ALL, his passports with us, including the old ones.
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    Taking your pet to Europe ?

    Maybe I’m wrong, but thought that our vet said that was the ”agreed/approved“ way, but maybe I misunderstood. I can remember a section of my dog being shaved, and it’s requiring two vets/people to do the procedure
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    Taking your pet to Europe ?

    Part of the variation will be how much they charge to remove the blood, which I believe is more costly than a normal blood take, as it must be taken from the jugular vein. Due to this there is more procedure.
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    Kerbside repairs

    Was it open or part open when it was removed, or fully shut?
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    Speed Camera Alerts

    From the internet. Austria While it is not illegal to own a dash cam it is completely illegal to use and drivers could face fines of up to around £9,000 and up to £22,000 for repeat offenders. Luxembourg Owning a dash cam is allowed in Luxembourg, but using one is still totally illegal. If you...
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    May Bank Holiday date?

    Moved it this year, and thousands of calendars are wrong. Moved to a Different Date in 2020 In 2020, the Early May Bank Holiday will be moved to Friday, May 8 to coincide with Victory in Europe Day, or VE Day, which marks the 75th anniversary of the formal end of World War II. It will be the...
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    Speed Camera Alerts

    Sygic sat nav app warns me of speed cameras and the speed , and the “zones” in France. Dash cams are not allowed to be used in Austria or Luxembourg, but you are allowed to own one there. Portugal it is illegal to own one.
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    Taking your pet to Europe ?

    As above. We were informed by our vet that most dogs who have had their rabies jab over a year ago will fail the titre test. So would then have to pay again for second blood take, and second test (with the added stress). Due to this we got a titre test done last year as Monty was due his...
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    LPG filling at campsites.

    Great news. Only half hour away from me.
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    What pushes you to the edge?

    Wildbill paint It with oil based gloss paint (stuff that needs white spirit to clean brushes), then just emulsion over it.
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    Rear lounge or fixed bed

    Fixed beds don’t only give the advantage of not having to make beds every night, but also have proper mattresses to sleep on. Not a mix of different lumpy/gappy cushions