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    Lenny's on a Short Winter Break

    Another great thread Lenny, thanks very much
  2. Kurt and Ko

    Two Potter Around Northern France

    Thank you for recording your trip once again, I always love reading your posts. Cheers
  3. Kurt and Ko

    MotorhomeFun Magazine

    Thanks Jim for a great read. It downloaded easily on my iPad & I enjoyed the range of articles.
  4. Kurt and Ko

    Our Greek Adventure 2019

    Thanks for sharing your trip, fabulous photos & yet another place on my list!
  5. Kurt and Ko

    Two Go to Corsica

    Enjoy your trip. I always enjoy reading your posts, thanks for taking the time with them. No doubt more places will be added to my ‘should go there list’ by the end of your travels! Cheers
  6. Kurt and Ko

    Tam &Toby do Europe ...Take two

    Great pictures Tam, I’m really enjoying your thread, thanks very much. You were certainly getting the “hurry up Dad, you’re really slow” eyes from Jade yesterday! Jane
  7. Kurt and Ko

    Stopping dogs getting out of van

    Hi, our Knaus pvc has a fly screen fitted which is great for acting as a dog guard & viewing point, the dog would need to be of the less excitable type though & not prone to just leaping right through it. It works really well for Daisy.
  8. Kurt and Ko

    Campercontact app

    I think we need to hope that the campercontact people discover the issue & do a bug fix update to the app.
  9. Kurt and Ko

    Campercontact app

    Sorry I have no idea!!
  10. Kurt and Ko

    Campercontact app

    I am having the same issue. I also have full version & have tried the downloading photos option but to no avail. I recently upgraded my iPhone to version iOS 11.3 - not sure if something in that has knocked it out?
  11. Kurt and Ko

    Habitation Service- How Often?

    I think this is a very good point & why I am probably leaning towards getting it done. There is a lot of gas & electrical stuff in a small space that I'm sleeping in. Peace of mind is good! Thanks
  12. Kurt and Ko

    Habitation Service- How Often?

    Thanks for that; unfortunately I am quite incompetent at DIY, especially anything electrical or gas related! I have taken a look at last year's service sheet, and apart from a battery test & gas pressure test (and I've had no issues with them) it is just opening & closing windows etc. Thanks
  13. Kurt and Ko

    Habitation Service- How Often?

    Good morning, I'm hoping for some guidance. I have a 2016 Knaus Boxstar 540 PVC and was wondering whether a full habitation service should be done every year? I would always get a mechanical service done annually, no issue there. I had a habitation service done last year and being quite new...
  14. Kurt and Ko

    Hello and thank you all

    Ooohh that's great, I will take a look. Thanks
  15. Kurt and Ko

    Hello and thank you all

    Hello, I have been lurking for a while but have taken the plunge and joined up. I have already learned so much from all of you, hence the thanks ! We have a Knaus Boxstar 540 and love it! Small but, to us, perfectly formed for our road trip adventures. Next I need to learn all about French...