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  • We are still on the algarve in Portugal. We got caught up in the lockdown, and decided we were better off here than back in the uk. We have a ferry booked for April, and hopefully by then things have settled down a bit with regards to the virus
    Down on the algarve for the winter. A bit damp, but warm. Sun should be out soon.
    A happy xmas to you all
    I the uk for the next month before heading south to Portugal for as long as Brexit will let me.
    A happy new year to you all. We are parked up on the Algarve for another couple of months, befoer heading down to Greece in the spring
    Back at Chertsey camp site. Getting ready to make a tour of Scotland And Ireland for the summer.
    Happy New Year everybody. We are getting ready to leave Portugal.Then we are off to New Zealand for a couple of months.
    Just been reading about your Seago e-bike.
    Why did you purchase this bike over other folding bikes. Can you get new batteries etc. I have been looking at many but they have been throttle control or very expensive. I believe throttle control is/will be no,no, in Spain.
    Hope you you don't mind as much information as possible please.

    Kindest Regards
    All I can say is that we are parked up in Portugal at the moment and both myself and my wife use it. I am 23 stone and it is no problem. Everywhere we go on site people admire it, try it and say "I am getting one of those when I get back to the UK"
    The first thing we are going to do when we get back to the UK is to buy another one for my
    Also if you do run out of battery (range 60 km) you can cycle it in the normal way with no problem Hope this helps.
    PS _ I have posted a couple of pictures on Showcase (under Algarve 2015) Price is around £600.
    Parked up on the Algarve in Portugal for the winter. Been here two weeks so far and the weather has been great.
    Parked up for another week at the chertsey camping & Caravan site on the Island.
    Fridge &n A/C need sorting. was let down by mobile reparier. Can anyone recommend someone around the Chertsey/ Heathrow area? Thanks.
    Currently parked up during the week at Chertsey and exploring at the weekends. Had fab 6 day trip to Wales last week.
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