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    Motorhome parking somewhere near Benidorm costa blanca ?

    Try Parking Mutxamel. The Caretaker is Esme 34-629-391-589. Its a former police storage area. Its hardstanding with a 12ft fence and lit at night with security lights and dog patrols. They do not have have midweek siestas but are closed on Sat pm and all day Sun. Last year the cost was 54.54...
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    Hello Sally47. I do not visit many shows but now that the weather has started to improve, we shall be touring many of the CC and CMC sites. Juggler
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    Nanniemate, I see you refer to Wales, where about do you live? Bike weighs around the same as most e-bikes. 22kg without the battery or 24kg with. I used to lift it onto a rack on the back of my Autotrail and I am in 70s.
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    Hello, Thanks for the interest in the electric bike. We tour around but do not visit many shows...

    Hello, Thanks for the interest in the electric bike. We tour around but do not visit many shows. Exactly where do you live? We could go to email if you prefer. Juggler
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    The bike is made by Freego and is the Wren model with 17in frame and 24in wheels. It has 7 speeds. It has a low "crossover". its in good condition but has a paint chip on the frame and a scratch on the gear lever. Its accompanied by a spare seat tube and inner tube.
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    Hi Oscar, Will post a photo at weekend Juggler
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    Wren ladies electric bicycle for sale. Mauve colour, two years old but used for only one season. Low step through, suit lady of smaller stature. Battery kept charged. Very good condition. Located NW England. £400 ono
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    2015 ducato suspension assistance

    I carry a small scooter on a rack at the rear of my MH. Has any one any suggestions how to boost the rear suspension without too much cost?
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    Losing faith

    Hello St Ivian. Unforetunately I do not have any further suggestions for cures to your problem. However I do commiserate with you and hope that Peugeot France can come up with a solution quickly. Good luck Juggler
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    We Still Have Free Fun Yearbooks Available

    Good morning Jim. I have not received mine yet. Juggler
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    Losing faith

    Is Peugeot really a Fiat in disguise? If so my experience might help you. I have a Fiat MH which came up with different sensor problems. After changing the indicated sensor. This did not cure the problem. I lost faith with the garage and took it to another garage. The same happened. It went to...
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    Frost protection Autotrail Apache 632

    I can't find it yet! I think it is hidden with the boiler behind the locker paneling on the drivers side.
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    Frost protection Autotrail Apache 632

    I'm about to drain the water boiler liquid on my 2015 Autotrail Apache 632. The Truma Combi (E) CP plus booklet is clear how to do this is clear. However I cannot find the Safety/Drain valve. Fig 3, p13 gives a diagram with 3 pipes, a circular push button and a rotary switch. Any know the...
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    Bonfire weekend

    Is the Bonfire night rally still on? Has the number of attendees reached 25 yet? I am interested in joining.
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    Where are the Brits this year in Spain.

    We arrived in Spain in early May and there was fewer UK vans around. Can't talk about june due to having to return to UK due to wife's illness at Calpe.