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  • Peter need some info - buying PVC in March Carthago Malibu and need to carry two electric bikes in garage - will the Fiamma Garage Plus do the job?. Also is it just screwed to floor and not to sides of van - see you have it in stock and a reasonable price Regards John
    Hi, Please put us out of our misery!! We have been hunting high and low for rear corner steadies for our Hymer B544 Motorcaravan. Going by the holes in the chassis there were steadies on the van at some point in it's life but were removed before we bought it so we would like to put some on to stop the rear of the van bouncing when we are parked up and walking about inside. Thanks Jules
    PS In relation to the toilet issue its just a case of using a good casette cleaner and cleaning the rim/seal area urine contains uric acid and its that build up which causes the problem

    We are returning to the UK from Spain in September and looking to sell our Autotrail FB Tracker 4 berth 2011 model is it worth contacting you to have a look and offer a fair price kind regards Dave
    Having some problems with the internal open/close lever. It is jammed. Any idea what I can do? It is a Thetford C250


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