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    More evidence hydrogen fuelled vans could power future motorhomes?

    Genuine answer mate :- I don’t know !! But I would like to. Any tech wizard going to tell us ? Mitch
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    Screen cover silver side

    Silver reflective faces side outwards. At least mine always has. No condensation or heat inside. 👍 Mitch.
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    What do others use...?????????

    Always used the tank water for everything except a glass of water. Never been ill (except from dodgy red wine.) Puraclean maxi before setting off. 1tab does 250 let. Mitch.
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    From this to this

    Used Avantgarde in 2010. UsedAutotrail Tracker EKS 2013 New Autotrail Tracker EKS Up to now and VERY happy with them ALL. But this one is special (to us) Mitch.
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    Theft of your s**t

    What load of cr*p. Mitch
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    Shengen Visa, do I need one?

    And the “ On my honour “ statement for the FFrench.
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    I think that is an alternative name for the green card. Mitch
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    Where could you go in this .

    Sumptuous, decadent, excessive and a pretty outstanding job. You would be very proud if it was your own build. 2 million should cover it. Looks like it’s on a Peterbilt or Kenilworth truck, turning circle would be once round our town. We don’t have a garage, so I’ll leave it for now. Mitch.
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    What spares would / do you take....

    Inertia tow rope. Mobile phone. My Wife. Credit card and cash. Hope, optimism and a smile. Ready for anything… 🤞 Mitch.
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    More evidence hydrogen fuelled vans could power future motorhomes?

    That’s just a load of crap !! Mitch.
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    Getting stuck on first trip?

    Buy a “Kinetic” tow rope. !! Also called “Slingshot or Shotgun” recovery ropes !! First saw them used in the Army. Excellent and give peace of mind. Watch a demo. Mitch.
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    Bed Sizes

    Go naturist then you don’t need so many clothes. Our wardrobe now has room for the Dukdalf chairs, the 100watt folding solar panel, and shoes / sandals. Oh, and some clothes 😜 Mitch.
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    Crankshaft oil seal.

    REME 3 year course as a vehicle technician at Carlisle Army Apprentice College 15 years old to 18, then 22 years all over. NOT fixing something was NOT an option. Loved it !!
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    Progress on our drive/ferry to Greece

    Hi Nicholsong. Many many thanks for taking the time to post this superb story of your Greek odyssey, it really lifts us out of the “trapped” situation we are all in and reminds us of our own wonderful 3 month trip round the peleponnes. The people are the most memorable thing we remember. Their...
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    It’s NOT the NHS “COVID” App. It is the NHS App. Mitch.