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    Motorhome road tax.

    Hi all Does anyone on here understand the new motorhome road tax? I am thinking of purchasing a new 2019 motorhome unregistered, but I understand the government has done a u turn in this years budget, so what will be the first years tax on this vehicle and then years after? All replies welcome Joe
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    Solar panel etc

    Hi funsters I am thinking of having a solar panel fitted to my motorhome and also a sat-dish, can anyone recommend a good supplier and more importantly a good fitter who will do a neat job. All advise welcomed keep safe JOE
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    Council tax for Motorhome on Drive!!!!

    How can the council tax motorhomes on drives and state that they are classed as annexes when they are not fixed to your property,we pay enough in road tax so we are now going to be taxed twice. is this an april fools joke??
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    Brittany ferries

    Hi Has anyone on here been given vouchers from Brittany ferries and not a cash refund, we had to leave spain and cut short our winter break due to the corona virus in Spain so we had to make alternative arrangements to get home,via france and by luck got the channel tunnel, has anyone managed...
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    Diesel prices. UK or France to fill up.

    We traveled through france after our campsite closed due to the corona virus and our ferry was cancelled we drove through france to get the channel tunnel, wow expensive or what the french toll's are horrendous and there fuel prices 1.78 for diesel was the most the cheapest was 1.48 you need...
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    Hi All My motorhome warranty runs out in April can someone on here recommend a good motorhome extended warranty. JOE
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    Table top base.

    Hello all I have just purchased a 600mm table top for our carthago chic c line motorhome as the original is to big, now I need a base for it that fit's the original holes in the floor, as the original base no longer fit's, where do I look? to obtain one. all help advise welcomed. Joe
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    Hi Guys Just some advise can anyone on hear recommend a good steering wheel lock I've look at some but can't decide???? Cheers Joe
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    Where to put engine oil in Burstner Elegance i800

    Hi your vehicle hand book should show you where the oil filler is located.
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    Hi thanks for your reply Re Clutch smell do you think it will be ok worried I have done some permanent damage it drives ok. have you had a similar problem like mine? regards Joe
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    Hello all we were coming back from a trip out a few day's ago and got stuck on M23 traffic due to flooding anyway after a while creeping along, we noticed a smell coming from the front of the motorhome a carthago 2.3 diesel automatic comfortmatic, I can only think the clutch was overheating due...
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    Metered electricity

    When we were in EL Raco benidorm last year we were charged on average 40 euros a month,that was just the fridge on electric everything else was on gas.
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    Glastonbury replacement?

    Do we fill guilty running petrol/diesel vehicles in these times of climate change,is it time to give them up and a find an alternative????
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    Don't worry it will all be free if labour get in.