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    Vehicle Check

    I knew a mechanic many years ago that just used to give a vehicle a high rev run for a couple of miles to clear all the built up crap out of an engine and in effect give it a decoke. I'm not a mechanic but wonder if this would still work?
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    tyre upgrade

    Check out Aeon rubber springs in place of the bump stops, easy to fit and relatively cheap to buy. Made a huge difference to my Hymer which weighs over 4500 kilo's.
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    Uber motorhomes

    Agree with Geo , I forgot to add in my previous post that my experience was with a large well known dealership and say again, buyer beware no matter where you buy from.
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    Sorry, no pictures , the shine dazzled the camera !
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    Uber motorhomes

    Many years ago I went to see a Hymer that was advertised as very low mileage in good condition. The thing was an absolute wreck, yes it was low mileage as it had been driven down to Spain, lived in for a number of years , hardly ever driven anywhere, and driven back. Low millage means nothing...
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    Just had a valet done by Mike from Motorhome valet in Swindon. First class job, I have no connection with him , just very pleased with his work, and would recommend him to all.
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    Southport wild camping

    Thanks again for the replies, I'v now booked Pleasureland. For info , all bookings are now done online and it's £20 night for the fireworks.
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    Southport wild camping

    Thanks for all the replies, I'll get onto it now.
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    Southport wild camping

    Hello, I've checked with the motorhome and cc ,but they're full for my dates, does anyone know of anywhere else to stay over please in Southport.
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    Membership of EU as opposed to Schengen Agreement.

    Slightly off topic, just a reply to 2x2 camper. We may be a little island but our economy is larger than the bottom 18 countries in the EU combined. 5th largest in the world.
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    Overnight stop near Cropredy.

    Barnstones caravan park just off the A423 at Great Bourton, just a couple of miles from Cropredy. I've stayed there and it's fine and not too expensive.
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    Insurance logic?

    Agree with all the replies and some very amusing ones, she will never actually drive the van as she's too scared of the size of it ( van ) Ha Ha.
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    Insurance logic?

    I've just renewed my insurance and as usual tried to get a discount , non available. I then asked for a quote but to include my wife on the policy, £30 discount given on original quote. Where is the logic in that ?
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    dometic fridge burner not staying lit

    Keep it simple to begin with and clean the burner.
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    Buying A Motorhome From Europe

    As mentioned previously, I've imported a number of vans over the years , very easy to do , and you do have to buy compulsory 3rd party insurance at the TUV station before you can register it in your name. All done at the same premises. I think the minimum term is 2 weeks ( maybe 10 days, can't...