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    Going abroad in Motorhome

    our 2 guinea pigs come abroad with us every year in the motorhome . they dont need pet passports and therefore there is no charge for them via the tunnel.
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    Rotten Front Cross member on Peugeot Boxer

    something to be aware of is the chassis rails where the crossmember bolts into can also suffer from the same corrosion and in that case it will definately require welding to put right. on my fiat hymer this area [on o/s] was hidden by a sort of lower engine shield and only became evident when...
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    Motorhome newbies....

    not to mention the potential hostility problems you could encounter from some of the other caravaners and the jobsworth wardens that can be found on some caravan club sites when 7 peeing,poohing, yapping little dogs emerge from your van . also be aware that [although allowing dogs]some sites...
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    hymer b534 base

    your welcome rab ,glad to be of some help. something to remember as well is that the numbers printed on the parts do not always correspond to part numbers. on calipers for example they can be casting numbers and therefore will bear no relevence to fiat part numbers. this can be very evident when...
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    hymer b534 base

    sorry for the late reply .i have been away .if i remember correctly the rear wheel bearings are tapered so therfore a little play is normal. my van is on the x230 ducato maxi chassis and it actually shows a payload figure of 1.8 on the fiat vin plate . as for the rear brake cylinders, i think...
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    hymer b534 base

    i have the same vehicle[1996] and being a lhd imported from germany approx 15years ago the chassis number does not show up any info when enquiring for parts at any motor factors or even fiat main dealers. mine [as snowbird has already said] is built on the maxi chassis. something that is worth...
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    Thinking of buying a motorhome

    good luck with the insurance quotes when you explain that you will be hiring it out and thus taking it out of the social ,domestic pleasure catagory !!
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    Killed my new brakes in North Wales

    the last two overheating of brake disc problems i have dealt with (on 2 different makes of vehicles) have both been caused by caliper pistons sticking in their bores when they get hot . they both happened after recently replaced pads (and discs in one case ) and i suspect that pushing the...
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    So much to learn before we buy!!!

    my path into motorhoming was exactly as yours . i started off with a vw t25 which took us everywhere here and abroad for many years and we loved it , but after a while [and the big 50 birthday coming and going] i deemed it was time to upgrade to a full size motorhome. my experience of this is...
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    benidorm camping raco

    thanks bobandfay for your reply , it is really helpfull and much appreciated .
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    benidorm camping raco

    we are thinking of booking a plot for a 6 week stay at camping raco during april/may. [we have a dog so other site choices are limited]. can anyone tell me ,are you given a choice of pitch at the time of booking or are you just given whats available when you turn up? if you are given a choice...
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    Well, I Didn't See That Coming!

    well done to you for being prepared to turn such a negative period in your life into the positive start of a new one ! one things for sure, your dog will always remain faithful, never let you down and wont leave the toilet seat up ! GOOD LUCK regards garry
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    Cheating ??

    so YOUR being accused of cheating eh ? just imagine how chris froome feels ! at least youve not had a cup of piss thrown in your face i hope !!!
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    Go And Be Angry Somewhere Else!

    i think another point worth mentioning [and is the reason, in some cases, for starting off some of the conflict ! ] is that when someone posts a specific question. instead of answering it , certain people choose to hi jack the thread and air their own personal views ! an example of this...
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    Electric Griddle/hotplate

    we have a single hotplate and a tappanaki grille type thing, both were picked up cheap in B and M or home bargains [cant remember which] which we use when on campsites with 240v rather than use our gas up. most times we set up outside via a extension lead and both [only one on at a time though...