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  • Hi Graham & Jane hope you are both well. Not sure now if we are going to Maroc next year as son's wife expecting middle of Feb and having trouble arranging flight home from Agidar. However, we fly back to Malaga 4th Jan 2018 and hope to catch up in Gib or at Carlos for chat. Regards, Tam
    Hi we have been in touch with our insurance about getting our green card. The lady says we need exact dates. Is this right? We said we could give her an entry date but she said she needed a leaving date as well. Thanks. Rod and Naomi Harrison
    Just got insurance for 10 days. Finished this afternoon. Mustafa done fantastic job. Keeps doing more work, painting, old, Hymer signs and wheels etc, -- really wants to make it perfect. Might see you to-nite if early getaway?
    HI guys, should be all done 2pm tomorrow. Spoke with Mustafa who said he would accompany us to re-arrange insurance for another fortnight - dos'ent make sense to spend a fortnight in Spain with the weather here so good - so might be able to link up somewhere.

    Regards, TAM & Angie
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