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    Comfort Insurance Voted Best Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year

    always read the small print Having read the small print for both Safeguard and Comfort, I have opted for Comfort WHY hidden away in small type for Safeguard was the excess, £200 compulsary plus £100 voluntary If I reduced the voluntary the price went up considerably. at least Comfort had it in...
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    Transferring Spanish plated MH to UK plates

    Lights Ref headlights above Thats illegal if staying in UK. My Bro in Law retured 6 months ago and had to buy and replace his headlights. Stickers are for temporary visits.:Eeek:
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    Top tips for newbies first trip!!

    We did on night on site to get the feel of it Plugging in the electric, cooking on gas, making the bed, storing gear etc that sort of thing Its a huge learning curve. Sadly we realised very soon that we had bought the wrong sized van. It was too small for our needs An expensive mistake!:Doh:
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    Top tips for newbies first trip!!

    spare wheel Check your spare wheel and tyre pressures. where are you going???Caravan Club site or something similar:thumb:
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    Tyre Price???

    Tyres are they 205/70R15 CP or C rated tyres as CP are quite expensive compared to C rated. I know I am buying 2 x CP in a few weeks time
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    What a bargain, I think !!

    DFDS didn't book our return from France ,Calais to Dover on 10 April so went straight to DFDS at the port. They quoted E 146. Drove into Calais to use internet and got same crossing for E 105:thumb:. Moral of the story is book early on line and get it cheaper
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    Comfort Insurance Voted Best Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year

    comparisons Have had 3 quotes today 1. Safeguard----£350 2. Saga-----£440 3 Comfort----£359 these include European travel and breakdown cover. Think saga have priced themselves out of it so its Safeguard or Comfort but I leave decisions to ""she who must be obayed"" (Then if it goes...
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    said we would never get hurt again

    Photo IF I knew how to put a photo on here I would share my Kobi with you all. We went 3 yrs before committing and so glad we did. I walk 3 dogs daily and the amount of people I meet who have said "Never again" but now have puppies etc It's in our nature We are, after all, hunter gatherers, and...
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    I spoke too soon

    sorry IF I'd know earlier I have nothing planned for next week but sadly can't drive as I am medically banned till June. Wife could have dropped me off or I could have got the train/bus. I love dogs and even at 65 am fit and workable.Hope you get sorted
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    keeping your pitch

    Plymouth Mandymops If you are passing Plymouth any time put aost on here and I will sort out overnight stops etc for you How does my drive sound!!
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    Bobby Dazzler

    Ah That will explain the streaks on the car windscreen. I had some Fenwicks cleaner and B/D over so I gave the car a once over and as I didn't leather it after there were streaks on it. Lesson learnt!
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    Bobby Dazzler

    Just used B/D for the first time and so far the results look OK. Does it get better after every application or is that the best it will be?
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    Any lawyers out there.

    I visited Marquis Plymouth last week and noticed a lot of new M/H with C rated tyres So I checked with my tyre fitter and as far as he was concerned it was not advisable to fit C tyres due to the fact that they can not achieve the pressure as required by CP. I noted on my tyres that there is a...
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    Any lawyers out there.

    I never said I DIDN'T take it down as you quoted> I do so prior to doing a long trip to ensure that the mechanism is greased and works and the pressure is OK. I even take it off and clean it annually before I go off to Spain WHAT I didn't check was the rating i.e. CP or C as I didn't know about...
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    tyres in france

    I don't think the make is a problem as long as the tyres are the same size etc.