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    Sound music audio to deter burglars when leaving motorhome unattended

    Probably the cab sliding windows. I've now found out that the latch for these is crap. I've stuck a stick in the runner now. I'll do a write up on that soon.
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    Sound music audio to deter burglars when leaving motorhome unattended

    Our motorhome was burgled recently while we were parked at Malahide Castle in Ireland for a few hours. They took some electronics but fortunately no damage to the van, and the cats were unharmed. In addition to a variety of other security measures (CCTV, door lock, steering wheel lock, etc), I...
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    Tow-bar mounted bike rack, suitable to allow barn doors opening?

    Atera Strada looks great! And only £350-370 from But I'd need to also install a tow ball on my 1991 Hymer 534 Fiat Ducato. Any idea how much that would cost, or where to have that done?
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    Best Bike lock for Fiamma Bike Rack

    Wirecutter has a great article that tests and reviews bike locks. Kryptonite New-U Evolution is not available in UK yet (as far as I can tell) but the older Kryptonite Evolution is for £30. Photo of our current bike rack with two cheap e-bikes One U-lock that locks one bike to the rack...
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    Steering wheel lock?

    Wow! I'll give that a try
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    Window Security

    This Wohnmobil Sicherheit looks really strong. The Lock M Out is a cheap and simple solution but I think they could still crowbar the window off, while the Wohnmobil Sicherheit seems like it would prevent that. Am I right? The Wohnmobil Sicherheit I'm looking at are €90 each, and that feels a...
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    Steering wheel lock?

    I have a LHD Fiat and the steering wheel is 43 cm. Unfortunately Disklock doesn't make one that big for LHD, only RHD. What's the best option other than Disklock?
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    Campsite with cabins

    Planning a trip in July-August 2020 to Pyrenees area, both Spain and France side, and a little further afield like Occitanie and Aquitane. It'll be us two in our Hymer 534 and 2-6 friends flying in from the US, so they'll need accommodation. They don't want to sleep in a tent, and our Hymer is...
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    Cadac Safari Chef 2

    Most of the ones I've seen for sale are 28 mbar. I had a barbecue point installed on my 50 mbar system. Where can I buy a 50 mbar Safari Chef 2? Or should I use a regulator to step the 50 mbar down to 30 mbar?
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    LPG In Cold Weather

    The regulator is in a locker. It's now 8°C and it's flowing like normal again. Is it still possibly a regulator problem?
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    LPG In Cold Weather

    That seems to contradict what some posters have said about 95% propane, 5% butane and other stuff. I just have no idea which source to trust. Yesterday it was about 0°C and my gas hob was flowing like it was on its lowest setting and the Truma heater felt like 3 even when I had it cranked to...
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    LPG In Cold Weather

    What's the current situation with LPG in UK? Is it still 95% propane? Does it vary throughout the year?
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    EFB batteries. Best value battery technology?

    A&N Caravan Services wrote a very convincing article about the Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) technology used in Yuasa L36-EFB, Varta LFD90, Bosch L5. I've just installed two Yuasa L36-EFB, ordered from Alpha Batteries. Paid members of get "7.5% off batteries from Alpha...
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    New Extra Workspace In Kitchen

    Where to get this table bracket for a removable table? (skip to 2:45 of this video). I want to attach this bracket to the outside of my van and have a table clip into that. If I only put a light weight on the table (e.g. laptop) could I do without the supporting leg? I found the bracket on...
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    Solar Panel and CTEK D250S Dual Installation completed.

    I'll have to get the details about this but the MPPT is an Epever. Not sure how the alternator charges the batteries in my system.