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    Park4night "use the old map system offline"

    This option don't exist anymore. It was to force the offline version of google maps but not practical because the maps could be deleted at any moment.
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    Park4Night - favourites?

    Thanks @chaser for informations, I'll explain favorite system that we call "My selection" Add/deletee favorites when you are on the form of a place To add a favorite you can use the icon "star with a +" at the top and right of the window To delete a favorite you can use the icon "star with a...
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    Camped in a Naturist camp spot in Poland.

    @Jac Sprat You could use the app instead of website, it's more efficient. Anyway I'll ask developper for the bug you saw. Best regards, Frédéric
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    Park4night review

    If you have any questions about the app I'll be happy to answer you. Regards, Frédéric Delamare
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    App on IPad to Garmin?

    You provide already compiled file on our shop. You just need to unzip the file and copy the ".gpi" file to the "/POI/" folder of your garmin GPS. Regards, Frédéric
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    How to download "Park4night" to Garmin?

    Hi Colyboy, On most of recent Windows system, you can directly unzip without application. You select the file and with "right button" of the mouse, select "Extract All". If not you can use 7zip. If you still didn't success to install POIs gps for garmin you can contact me on...
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    Park4night question

    It can happen rarelly than the langage is not properly set. If it's the case go to "Mes règlagles" And select in the combobox "choix de la langue" => "Anglais" Then restart the app. Regards, Frédéric
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    Park4night question

    Yes there is, wich version do you use ? Android / iOs / Windows phone ? Regards, Frédéric
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    Park4night question

    I answered in all points and I'd like to reassure we are working hard everyday to keep our database as accurate, as possible. Regards Frédéric
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    Park4night question

    This post is called "park4nigt question", and I tryed to answer the question posted. That's the reason I'm there. I don't know reasons you wan't to bring all the time somethink else on this post. If you have personnal questions my mails is
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    Park4night question

    I explained all in the #10th post. And as chaser tell you, our system is managed by users themselves and moderators like wikipedia system. Don't take this like arrogance or contempt, I spend all my disponible time in others important parts of the project. Damnfully and oppositely as I could...
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    Park4night question

    I'm present on forums to help users to use the app and explain our products and services. I'm not in charge myself to moderate the huge database (imagine well it could cost me day and nights to moderate 27000 places) Database is managed by users themselves and our moderator team. If you think...
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    Park4night question

    Informations I gave are generals. There is always specificities. As I said laws/tolerances/punishments are differents depends of countries/regions/cities. Anyway Motorhome's users must take their own responsabilities. [P] with white strip bordered mean "Parking day and night" - sometimes it can...
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    Park4night question

    Thanks a lot Graham to let me the possibility to explain on this forum spirit and using of our app. I saw few times people probably missunderstood and I didn't react. Our app is called park4night but we also provide also places for day (morning/afternoon/evening). A confusion may come from...