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    Motorhome Rear Axle Overloaded

    He posted before the ban was put in place
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    Ridge Monkey, what do you cook in yours?

    Saw a YouTube vid of a woman who cooked Banana cake and a few days later Banana and Blueberry cake in hers both looked yummy
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    RFL on 2018 Euro 5 van

    Depends on the weight £260 for 3500kg and something like £160 for over
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    Resealing motorhome - recommendations - Cirencester area

    I think its Stikaflex 512 people use.
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    TWO Swift Engineers at my home now - Brand new Motorhome and sloppy work!

    All this negativity things go wrong sometimes, its how its dealt with to rectify the problem that matters, putting Lowdhams out of the equation from what I see Swift couldn't have done more and should be applauded.
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    Rental companies

    McAfee doesn't complain and brings up site, might be Bitdefender being over zealous, or of course McAfee be under zealous
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    Bontera Park Spain any feed back

    have a look at some of these YouTube video's should give you a idea what its like.
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    Ouch... that must have hurt
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    Rental companies

    Make sure you pay using a credit card some rental companies are very very slow to pay deposit back. Also take pictures of the van specially damaged area's before you drive it, and make sure any damage is noted on the hire agreement. Take pictures on your return to show there was no damage whilst...
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    Tunnel booked 26 Dec Spain here we come

    1.15 i'll have some of that thanks for the tip
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    Tunnel booked 26 Dec Spain here we come

    Going to stay overnight at Cite Europe get a early start 27th and follow PhilandMena Western route hoping weather is kind to us on the way down, don't want to hang about hoping to do it in 3 days. It will be our first time wintering in Spain, we are really looking forward to it. Got Playa...
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    Is it customary to give other motorhomers a wave when driving

    Wow cant believe this thread is still going, some funny and brilliant replies keep them coming :cool: I've had my motorhome just over a year now (blyme thats gone fast) been all over and given and received lots of waves all good fun and makes us smile :)
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    Cite Europe

    While were talking about Cite Europe has anyone stayed there boxing day we are thinking of getting a mid afternoon train staying the night for a early start 28th will there be many there do you reckon ?
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    Running away early.

    It was only because I read on here on another thread I got one or I would have been caught out. And maybe a hook up reverse polarity adapter which again I had to use on a few sites.