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    I cannot look at our van

    My get up and go, got up and went a long time ago.
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    France and Spain

    Only you can decide, if me I would stay wash your hands properly and regularly use hand sanitiser if available try to avoid touching your face. I reckon you stand as much of a chance getting it here (UK) as in Spain
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    Bay of biscay

    We got into Portsmouth on the Cap Finistere from Bilbao last Wednesday 4/3/20, we cancelled Eurostar return to give us a few more days in sunny Spain and see what the ferry was like. All I will say is never ever EVER again it was rough, feeling to us like the worse fairground ride in the world...
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    Seaton Tesco

    I'm sure if you sent Jim a self addressed envelope with stamps attached for return postage he'd send you a sticker
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    Brittany Ferries Discount code please.

    All sorted thank you.
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    Brittany Ferries Discount code please.

    Thanks Emmit, Maybe a stupid question where do I enter the code Checkout there is a box for a refund code, thats only place i could see to enter a code. Me being stupid again. Where do I enter the code. Might be answering my own question I am trying to book one way Bilbao - Portsmouth one way...
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    Brittany Ferries Discount code please.

    As Title, has anyone got a code they can share please. Thanks
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    Fiat Ducato Service in Surrey

    +1 for RandM they did a oil and filter change on my motorhome while we waited, very friendly and didn't overcharge
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    Fuel in France

    Driving down to Spain couple of weeks ago found a garage in Irun on the border ā‚¬1.18, Another Funster told me there was cheap fuel there cant remember who...
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    Fuel in France

    Nothing worse a dose of the 2bob bits when your in your motorhome :eek:
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    Winter sun in Spain

    Got to agree Tropicana is a lovely place. Hope the weather stays as good as it was today. Might see you at the cofee morning tomorrow !
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    110AH Lithium Battery FREE PRIZE DRAW

    Gawd I made it 17
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    How do I find if my charger has a lithium setting?

    I had a Sterling 100ah lithium battery fitted by Vanbitz, they fitted the battery and a Sterling B2B, setup for lithium. They left the Sargent PX300 charger I think its charging profile is close enough and the Lithium's BMS takes care of it.
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    Spanish winter sun they said...Huh

    Go to Spain get some winter sun they said, so we did been in Alcossebre 4 days and had half hours worth of sun just to tease us, its really rather chilly here. Booked here (Playa Tropicana) for another week then we'l head further South in search of the yellow ball of flame. šŸ˜Ž
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    Happy Christmas Jim

    I will 39th it. Thanks Jim :xsmile: