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    Missing knuckles - mirror cabling route

    Well done for working out how to do it and taking the time to post, I'm sure like you say it will help someone in the future.
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    Free Standard Revolut card+free £10 bonus top up required

    Saw this on HotdealsUK its new users only. Might help if your thinking of getting this card. HotdealsUK Link
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    THIS week I bought

    I paid £260 for mine a few months ago, they do sound good and the noise canceling works well to my ears anyway
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    which windbreak to buy

    From the Jormax website -: The poles are manufactured from a high quality strong aluminium with a hardened tip. This means they can even be used on most hard standings. They are tough enough to be hammered into the ground but flexible enough to survive strong winds and return to their...
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    Economical Aires in southern Spain

    Its on Search4sites
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    Economical Aires in southern Spain

    Are these open in winter ?
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    LPG Bluetooth level gauge from Gasit

    I was doing so well..must not buy...must not buy...and had almost forgotten about these then amongst others the 2 posts above saying how fantastic these are brought them to the front of my mind again, I couldn't resist any longer and got 2. Least I remembered to use the funster discount :) LOL
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    Los Gallardos camping Spain

    Wondering if any Funsters have stayed here, seems to get mostly good reviews. Wondering what you thought of the site ?
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    Charging an AGM leisure battery

    Why do company's such as Roadpro continue to sell AGM batteries if they are so bad the return rate must be horrendous
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    Remove toilet blue from bowl ?

    Tried all suggestions, nothing really works. The stain doesn't seem as bad though and is dulling I think its me peeing on it more than anything else, so keep peeing I will lol. Thanks again all
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    Problems driving in France?

    The 30kmh through some towns is well signposted at the start but maybe me being thick I could not see a sign anywhere where it would finish, other than the town name with a slash through it. Some of the speed bumps are mini mountains huge that in my motorhome 15kph was almost to fast to go over...
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    Remove toilet blue from bowl ?

    I take it all in good fun, I will try all the more helpful reply's and report back which one worked. Thanks to all :)
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    Remove toilet blue from bowl ?

    Thanks all, I had a feeling it would be near impossible to get the stain out, I'll try citric acid and white vinegar first then bleach if that doesn't work.
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    Remove toilet blue from bowl ?

    Tried to be clever and poor the blue direct down the toilet, lined it up and sneezed without warning blue all over the toilet bowl despite washing quickly with water it did not come off and has stained the bowl. Anyone know a way or substance that will get it off
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    WIN a Lithium Battery from the Battery Megastore

    I'm in as well....(y)