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    refillable gas Installation

    the hose that i have replaced was between cylinders(6kg and 11kg) not from the filler point. my filler is a grey one fitted into the side skirt of my hymer and is a fantastic colour match and looks very discreet.
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    refillable gas Installation

    the end feral had some play.when i spoke to gaslow they explained that it was still perfectly safe but replaced it any way.
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    refillable gas Installation

    i don,t know if gaslow fit systems or supply only.but i can say they are very helpful and,based in loughborough they would i'm sure give advice on instalation if needed.i've twice been to there premises to buy parts and only today had a filler hose replaced free of charge. can only recommend...
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    SOLD Schaudt LT320

    if you would take £40 i could collect i'm east mids