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    Another LPG station bites the dust.

    We always use Thickthorn services at the A11 / A47 junction for our lpg but the other day we were disappointed to find the lpg pump had been replaced by the usual unleaded / diesel pump. All was not lost however because we knew we could get lpg from: Flogas Depot Long Lane Ludham The place...
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    Norfolk/Suffolk suggestions please

    We are at a temporary holiday site at Sea Palling in Norfolk. This finishes on 6th September so probably no good to the op. There is a C&CC CS (Keith’s Farm) right next door though. Sea Palling is a lovely spot though with everything you could want and a lovely sandy beach. We have walked along...
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    C&CC family and access to sites/CSs

    I don’t think many CS sites bothered much with membership cards / numbers in the past. However we have stayed on a CS in Dorset a couple of times recently and the owner was very keen to see our cards, apparently there had been ‘complaints’ that he was not asking for membership details. Paul
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    No home address

    We are full timers and I have repeat prescriptions. The only tricky part with going full time was staying registered with our gp as they are fussy about where you live. On one of my boxes of pills it says ‘do not stop taking this drug unless told to by your doctor’. I had a chat at the...
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    Hi there! Layout, Layout then Layout!

    Hi there. We had our first van for about a year and toured Europe in it. We had visions of the grandchildren coming away with us so we bought a 6 berth. In the end of course we certainly didn’t need 6 berths and associated seat belts. Luckily, when we traded it in for our current van the...
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    Disposing of grey water

    Depends what sort of site you are on. We are fulltimers and have been on a small CS site for nearly 15 weeks! Hedges by the side of our pitch get our grey water. Some site owners would be upset by this, others encourage it. Paul
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    Have you managed to book a site somewhere?

    We have stayed at Manor Farm Burton Bradstock (and the THS next door) a couple of times, lovely spot very near the sea and village - enjoy. Paul
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    Where Will You All Be On Fri?

    We are booked into a small campsite near Thetford in Norfolk for 2 weeks starting on 4th July. According to my wife there will be millions of people hitting the road on Saturday. Paul
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    Am I crazy to do this this?...

    We are full timers and spent about 8 weeks in Spain earlier this year. I understand that the EHIC card my be useless next year but I found it very handy while in Spain On 14th February I had a bad fall and got an ambulance and fantastic hospital treatment without paying a penny. This was...
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    How thick is your mattress?

    Another vote for Custom Size Beds ( I was getting backache from the original mattress in our Swift Sundance 630g so I bought a new one. This was way back in February 2017. I have had a look through my old emails but couldn’t find size / price details but we got a good deal...
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    M/H Heater not working

    Hi, we have a gas / electric fire in our van. A year or two ago it decided not to work properly on electric. It’s no doubt a different problem to the OP’s but we got a local engineer from the Mobile Caravan Engineers Association who fixed it for us. If you want a mobile engineer who knows what...
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    12 Volt Tv’s

    We bought ours from Aldi a couple of years ago, it’s been fine - 22” with built in DVD for £125! I would shop around and just buy the cheapest. Paul
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    No home address

    We have been living in our van full time for just over 3 years. We have been using our daughter and son in laws address for almost everything without problem. The only problem was staying registered with our gp. I have regular repeat prescriptions. Because of this they let my wife and I stay...
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    These photos are from 2015, we have used the tunnel since then but it’s not worth taking newer photos. Paul
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    How much are CL's in general?

    Campsites (CS anyway) are taking bookings from 4th July. We usually go by the Out and About app when it comes to THSs, showing everything cancelled up to the end of July. Paul