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    Whats this ?

    It's the clutch Master Cylinder. The Slave Cylinder is at the other end of the pipe - at the clutch.
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    Ducato Dashboard vent Trim replacement

    OMG! 'Lounge' - Isn't that a room in a Pub? :rofl:
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    The Dutch are still visiting our fair isle.

    Yes, and to reward him he was given Africa to shape second time around!
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    What plinth? The Plinth of Wales? :rofl:
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    MPPT or PWM

    I think panel voltage is the critical factor when considering MPPT. I was offered a 110W at 18V or a 150W at 28V. I fitted the latter and, looking at the figures on my phone, I note that the current flow into the leisure batteries is often 40 - 50% higher than the current produced by the panel.
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    Decisions decisions....Hymer Sprinter

    The OP is refering to the Grand California - it has a loo!
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    Decisions decisions....Hymer Sprinter

    Why does it rule out solar panels? I found when we had a pop top I could park up so the the solar panel was angled much more efficiently.
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    Access to van roof

    Link not working
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    Diesel starting after storage?

    Nooo! The oil is pushed around the the outsides of the 'cogs'. It does not get mangled through the middle.
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    Ducato Dashboard vent Trim replacement

    A word of caution - I actually painted the top part of the middle two vents matt black as they produced annoying reflections on the windscreen. The top image shows the effect I wanted to avoid and the middle one the result.
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    How to remove rear louver plastic from seat base x250/x290?

    Two plastic tips at the top of each cover. Push flat screwdriver under clip and lift, pulling the cover out at the same time.
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    Has anyone changed ceiling light to operate via two way wall switches

    From experience I would suggest that you need a more substantial switch. I used one of these and it only lasted a couple of weeks! You might consider the CBE range as 1) they might well match your existing switches and, 2) there is a Double Throw version available in the range...
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    Table map

    This guy, in Taunton, does some terrific table tops -
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    Help please. Is my solar working???

    If the sun is shining and the panel is not in shade you should get a voltage of at least 17 - 18v depending on the size of the panel. If no reading at all then this suggests an open circuit (broken lead?)or faulty panel.
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    Where is the Horn on an X290?

    FOUND IT! As AllanM above pointed out, on the X290 the standard horn - a Fiamm unit, is located under the offside headlamp. Remove the headlamp (two T30 bolts and shove the unit towards the centre line of the vehicle to release) Now by sticking your head right into the space where the headlamp...