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    How to convert apple img photos to windows jpeg

    Never been your route but I’m pretty sure you could use photoshop or most phot editing suites to save as dng or jpeg via save as
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    Should maybe add we just follow the sat nav and no ide where it was before we met it and no idea where it is now but never noticed signs on way back, is it only one way?
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    I’d never heard of this before and seen the signs on the way to wales. Paid by number plate and was astonished it was only two quid. Now worried I never paid on the way back but not sure if we crossed it again, do they let you know?
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    Equipping a new van - the non-obvious things

    We are on a beautiful wee site in maryport and never seen so many wasps..... this has been invaluable, charges with a usb too. Buy it
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    Equipping a new van - the non-obvious things

    There are never enough plugs and chargers, get adaptors so get a few for sockets and a few usb sockets as everything seems to be powered by them, windbreakers, waterproof outside seats, storm straps for awning, search charity shops for dvds if the weather is bad Hope I’ve not duplicated any...
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    Highland Visitor Levy

    I agree visitors from England should get a special deal..... I suggest double what everyone else pays as they are such a nice generous bunch as we see. Cheers guys 😊
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    Highland Visitor Levy

    We paid a tourist tax in Sorento earlier this year and thought it was a great idea to invest in the local area, we should all do it Coming in to wales the other day we paid to get over a bridge, is that not a tourist tax of sorts. I’d love all local areas to charge it and invest it in parking...
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    Getting your SHIT together!

    I think some owners just don’t see rules apply to their “babies” Not quite on topic but I thought this was the weirdest thing and along the same lines..... We arrived at cardigan bay yesterday and after getting settled I had a wander around to get the layout. On finding the toilets I was a bit...
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    First crash in a while

    I can’t say I’m a big fan of the two lanes leaving a roundabout suddenly becoming a lane at the best of times So, second day in englandshire and we are heading to south port from the M6, I always drive in no rush so just shake my head at the eejit overtaking me when he really shouldn’t, only for...
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    Automatic levelling

    I looked a while back just out of interest when I first heard about it, seen it quoted at a cost of over 5k. Not sure that is great value for money but if I was loaded I might go for it. Beer tokens to the cost of 5k will will let me sleep half way up Ben Nevis 😂
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    Pershore Plum Festival Rally. Next Week.One Vacancy. Please Read

    We are heading to Southport tomorrow then down to wales for a few days so I,ll add a message here to follow the thread. If it’s not filled, we could pop over early next week. I’m sure it will get filled but you never know, we are just off on a wander so could be a chance to meet more funsters
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    Maybe Jim is like real life breaking bad. Anyone seen in his window if he has a big bush? 😳
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    FOR SALE Paragon Silver Screens for Ducato/Boxer 2007 onwards

    I’m not understanding this, how does what’s on the inside affect these screen covers? I’ve never used them so be handy to know what not to buy if nothing else I met a fella on a site who had similar which attached with bungee cords to outside, how do these attach?
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    FOR SALE Paragon Silver Screens for Ducato/Boxer 2007 onwards

    Are Remis blinds the internal ones? So this wouldn’t fit my Peugeot (see avatar) ? I thought these were all external? I’m looking for external screen covers to fit mine but we have internal blinds
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    LPG for a 1993 Talbot Express Rambler.

    Last time I was in my mates garage I was admiring a big old jag with LPG. My mate explained it had lots of bother with over heating and other issues down to the conversion. He was wondering why anyone would bother as the cost of fuel might be cheaper but the mpg is much worse, making it similar...