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    Trailer Recommendations

    Try Phoenix Trailers - they'll make what you want..
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    Walking The Thames

    How about doing the Thames Path Challenge and raise some money for your favourite charity ? I did this one a few years ago, 100 km in 20 hours - you miss some of the spectacle when walking through the night and it gets a bit narrow and foggy in places, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
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    Can dogs sniff out COVID?

    Have a look at the work being done by These animals are truly amazing
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    Scottish Site with resident bagpipe player

    They say the most beautiful sound in the world is that of bagpipes receding in the distance... 🙉
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    PoreÄŤ Croatia - How long to get there, Best Route, Has anyone been?

    We wombled down through Austria and northern Italy, then spent a day or so in Bled - nice site on the lake, then down the Dalmation coast. Krk is a must see, the old town is great, look up Camperstop Felix, it's a real hoot and a good place to stay for a couple of days. The main problem is that...
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    Rouen underpass eats another British motorhome

    No....1.8m only. early did it myself a couple of years ago
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    Too long a story - Baily don't do PCVs' but the vans that were being converted in Youngs workshop were absolutely brilliant. Just because I wanted the layout of my van changed to my liking and because of my medical issue doesn't preclude me from admiring good workmanship. The OP was looking for...
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    We used Young Conversions for mods to our Bailey when we needed them and the stuff they were doing was amazing....
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    Ducato MKII aftermarket dashboard switches

    I've used these with a relay in the past, not sadly on my current mh so no photos... Push to break
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    Autograph 79-4T water tank drain.

    There’s a similar item in the waste tank - just the job when you get bored waiting for it drain provided you can park right over the collection point....
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    Mounting a phone on the Dashboard

    Try googling car radio mounting box - there’s loads there. I did something similar with one of these and blanking plate drillled for auxiliary switches..
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    Not forgotten..
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    Rally Chat Airbag ecu

    The easist way to get this out is to first remove the kick plate under the storage box - two screws. It can be a swine to manoeuvre out, but this is the only way to gwt full access to the 10mm fixing bolt holding the ECU in. Another vote for CrashData - great response and fast turnaround, but...
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    Relevant Books in these troubles times

    The Plague - Albert Camus.
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    Essential kit

    EHIC and travel insurance...