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    Toilet thread sort of.

    Thanks Andy. No I don't have anything like that. Its probably on the "Extras list" when the vehicle was first purchased.
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    Toilet thread sort of.

    Peter the van was brought pre used (19months old) but was in almost brand new condition. the person who we brought it from was not the kind to tinker about with it. Also if the fan was there at some point I would expect to see some wires there. I dont suppose you could post a photo of the fan...
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    Toilet thread sort of.

    Andy does your fan sit at the top of the tube, or at the bottom (underneath the floor)
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    Toilet thread sort of.

    I was a bit confused when I first got the motorhome. I was expecting to see a fan somewhere as I have a place for the filter, the inbuilt vent in the body of the cassette and the hole in the floor, but no sign of a fan anywhere. I assume the Thetford toilets all have the above, and the fan must...
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    Free MotorhomeFun YearBook and Journal

    Details submitted and fingers crossed. Thanks Jim
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    Where is the furthest you’ve taken your MoHo?

    2years Motor-homing so far, been to: The Lake District, Oban, Yorkshire, Lake Annecy France, Dordogne, Bordeaux. Mont Roig Spain, Benidorm, Pamplona and lots of other places in between Suffolk and Mid Spain.
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    Motorhome Rear Axle Overloaded

    Very sensible approch. The last thing the "guy" needs is to in get into the realms of litigation before the dealer has provided a formal response. I appreciate the dealers initial response was "not encouraging" but once all the facts are laid bear the dealers initial response may well change...
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    Adria matrix - How do I open the bin?

    We use ours to store our slippers.
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    £189 single on Eurotunnel

    What times/days do ET class as off peak. Thanks
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    Carpet Protection Film

    Roll & Stroll carpet protector £15.99 for a 25mtr roll. I insist all my contractors use this to protect the clients existing floor covering no matter how small the job, Pays dividends every time.
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    £189 single on Eurotunnel

    A couple of questions re frequent traveller. 1. How many ET crossing do you have to make to qualify for a frequent travel pass. 2. How much do you have to pay to open an account and is there a minimum account balance once you open the account. Thanks
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    Side Mirror protectors

    Based on experience, a vote for Mirror Guard from me.
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    Ducato Spare Wheel Rear Axle Overload

    derosa. the spare wheel was already fitted in the garage when we purchased the vehicle. (see attached image). There is a metal plate with a stud welded to the plate, this is bolted to the rear wall. the stud protrudes through the wheel. The weight of the spare wheel is taken by the shelf that...
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    Take my hat off to you Jim...

    Just sussed it. I needed to subscribe. all now sorted. Thanks