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    Haven holidays

    At Littlesea, dog goes free on the bus to Weymouth, where at one end they have a very large section of the beach for dogs, open all year. Fantastic. (y) The facilities for campers are good, pitches are large to very large, most look out over Fleet Lagoon. Reasonable shop ( Co op) on site, but a...
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    Haven holidays

    Ditto Littlesea. Excellent dog walking area.
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    Haven holidays

    £30. So lot cheaper than £10.
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    Haven holidays

    You need to be a member of the Motor Caravanners Club. Once joined, you can get a link via their website.
  5. Alde Accessories

    Review by 'DC4JC' on item 'Alde Accessories'

    Visited their premises on 14th August 19 to have a fluid change and general system check. All done very Professionally. Youve only got to look at the way they keep their offices, tidy, clean, organised, to see what you are dealing with. Very friendly and courteous staff, who really looked after...
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    Alde Accessories

    DC4JC posted a new review on the item Alde Accessories
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    Cello Traveller owners help please

    Hi. Mine works fine on 12v. But, the 'cigar' plug for 12v on mine can be a bit temperamental, in that the connection in the socket doesnt always work and requires it to be 'twisted' in the socket to make a solid connection.
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    Another Gadget Or Two For Filling Your Water tank!

    Talking of which. I was on a site a few weeks back which had a serviced pitch. So I attached the hose when we arrived and added 70lts, thinking this would do us until we left and I could always add a little before I left if needed. A day before we left the little darling at the back of our pitch...
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    Has the bubble burst

    Has the bubble burst, not quite, but getting there. Perfect storm is brewing. As already mentioned, Pension pot tsunami has died down. Diesel has been demonized and further killed off thanks to Volkswagen and the like. Look how that has affected diesel car sales. The environmentalists voice is...
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    expansion noise in hot weather

    We get it all the time in the back panel of our Carthago. My wife thinks its rabbits or the like under the van bonking their heads on the bottom of the van! 😄 have to reassure her everytime.
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    Paying to use French Aires

    Agreed. Earlier this year I was on the aire near Santander port, having arrived late in the evening and left abt 7.30 the following morning. I made sure I left the money with people next door, who we knew, so they could pay the guy in the morning. They said he was pleasantly surprised. Given...
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    WIN a Lithium Battery from the Battery Megastore

    In it to win it. (y)
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    Dometic Fridge/Freezer

    I had exactly the same with our previous van, a 2015 Burstner. I wrote and complained directly to Dometic and had the same response ' within spec'. As you say, no better than a coolbox and to some degree potentially dangerous. As you know a lot of cooked meats say they should be stored at below...
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    Go Outdoors online - Go elsewhere!!

    Have to say that our experience with their online system has always been spot on. Recently ordered a Cadac bbq via this system using the CCC discount and got it cheaper than could find elsewhere. It was in stock, recived email and txt to pick it up, same as I have always have. Have even used...