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    How bad is the wind in Tarifa,

    He could get a pneumonia vaccination, my wife and I have just had ours. Most people who die from Covid 19 die from pneumonia, might just help!
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    Spanish High speed train privatised

    I can´t find any info on this in the Spanish media? Renfe are introducing a low-cost version of the AVE called the Avlo, which was what the cheap tickets were promoting. Surprise surprise, the website crashed with the numbers of people trying to obtain 5 euro tickets from Madrid to Barcelona and...
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    Internet Scammers

    Paypal is safer than using a credit card - I´ve been a victim of credit card fraud, but not Paypal (so far).
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    Weather warning Sun 19 Jan 2020 Valencia area

    Hammering down here now, and very windy with 80+km winds and 8 to 9 meter waves forecast for Denia tomorrow (Sunday) night.
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    Refillable gas bottle has expired date 2020 😯

    Our Spanish reg van is now 9 years old, and never been asked about a gas check at the ITV station. The regulations say the installation should be checked by a qualified technician every four years, but never heard of it happening.
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    Rodaja Emperador ?? Swordfish steak??

    All great apart from the guacamole - not a fan of avocado!
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    Lots of single-axle caravans have Alde heating, and those without are just as warm as a motorhome - we´ve been out in -5C and were warm and cosy.
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    Pump up leveling bag

    I´ve got one that inflates from the exhaust, bought it in case I have to change a wheel on soft ground. Tried it at home, works well as long as you clamp the hose to the exhaust with a jubilee clip.
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    ACSI 2020 errors

    ACSI 2020 books just arrived, and SWMBO discovered that pages 55-72 inclusive are duplicated, and 73-79 are missing. I´ve contacted ACSI asking them to send the missing map pages, and await their response - 73-75 are essential to us living here in Spain!
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    Is this group dead?

    Doesn´t seem to be used, unfortunately, so no point keeping it.
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    Hello and w2f
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    How long have you owned your van ?

    We bought our Rapido new in 2011, no plans to change it.
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    AP7 toll road

    No. At the moment its nice and quiet with very few trucks, it will be solid with trucks when it becomes free.
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    Processionary Caterpillar's

    The forecast here is for 200mm over five days, good for the aquifers! I can´t remember caterpillars this early, we had huge problems with them last year, there were literally thousands of them in a neighbours pine tree which invaded our garden as well as the other surrounding properties and...
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    Thanks a lot, Jaws .(y)