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  • Hi Dave,
    We're picking up a new Chausson 640 next week, looking to have a CAT1 alarm fitted and maybe prep for TV aerial. What kind of availability do you have in the next couple of weeks, if any?

    dave newell lvs
    dave newell lvs
    Hi Richard, we no longer do alarms I'm afraid, vanbitz are the people to go to.
    Hi Dave,

    Regarding this post of yours regarding the wastegate, could you please specify what kind of behaviour I can expect from my 2004 Ducato 2.3 JTD (ie normally open - good - or normally closed - potentially bad)?

    Thanks a lot.
    dave newell lvs
    dave newell lvs
    I'm sorry but I don't understand what you are asking. Do you have a problem and if so what are the symptoms?
    Hi Dave, We are complete novices, we have brought an older MH, a VW T4 1996 swift Royale 550.

    Can you tell us is it possible to fit a solar panel and a portable air con unit to older MH and some indication of cost.
    dave newell lvs
    dave newell lvs
    Solar panel should be do-able, phone us on 01952 587702 to discuss your needs and for a price please. Portable AC? Not sure what you mean by that, "portable" units by their very description don't need installing so if you can find one of a size you can live with I don't see why not.
    Hi Dave saw you are in the west Midlands and I will be heading to Birmingham the end of July and I need some work done on my Adria Coral 650 SP and its 2004. I need two roof vents fitted just the opening and also need the LHS rear light glass unit which is separate from the bumber. Do you do that sort of thing. I also may want a new reversing camera fitted as the one in the Van is useless.
    dave newell lvs
    dave newell lvs
    Hi Paul, please phone us tomorrow on 01952 587702 to discuss your requirements.

    Thanks, D.
    hi Dave my name is George smith from Whitby in North Yorkshire your name came up wen I asked for advise about having reversing camera fitted can advise the best one to buy, and about fitting myself as you are to far away to fit for me prefer not to have wireless one. cheers George
    Hi Dave. Steveboy here re 6505 fridge. I'll contact you when i have fridges swopped over. As you can imagine this aint gonna be a 5 minute job. In/out of the Rapido for starters involves passenger seat removal. I'm at my brothers in Salisbury all Nov & aim to do swop then. Where are you?
    dave newell lvs
    dave newell lvs
    OK mate, no worries as I'm not in desperate need for one but I may have a job for it early next year. We're in Telford, west mids. You can phone me on 01952 587702 during normal working hours.

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