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    Union flag when in franc Spain

    See.....its the same post but each time I log in from a different location the the flag gets updated:
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    Union flag when in franc Spain

    I believe the avatar flag is not static - it updates dynamically every time you log in based on where you are (or rather, where your network's internet gateway is) so it shows where you last logged in from rather than where you were when you made the post. This post will probably have a German...
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    Moselle to Mosel end to end September 2019

    I thought the Black Forest was beautiful - its very different from the Mosel (which we also love) so I think they'd be a good combination if you want to see two areas with different characters. The original Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is from the Cafe Schäfer in Triberg in the Black Forest and...
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    is there any point in home internet

    The main downside of relying on solely on 4G is the download limit (even "unlimited" ones usually have a fair use policy hidden within the T&Cs). With the advent of 5G this might change, but only time will tell whether we actually get some truly unlimited mobile broadband solutions. 10GB is not...
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    are tablets dead and useless?

    I used to have a 10" tablet - it was great for watching videos, web browsing, looking at maps etc. but I didn't like it for spreadsheets and emailing - mostly because its very difficult to type normally on an on-screen keyboard. I now have a 10" Asus Flip chromebook instead: I can use it as a...
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    Now in Zaragoza at Camping Ciudad de Zaragoza

    Thanks Guigsy, not sure how I missed that one - it seems to get ok reviews, I'll bookmark it. I also this found this place on park4night at the Parque del Agua: It looks quite nice - though its...
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    Now in Zaragoza at Camping Ciudad de Zaragoza

    A number of people have mentioned the free aire in Zaragoza - there are a few on Campercontact (none of which get great reviews), so can someone tell me where the nice free aire is please?
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    Is buying an ex hire vehicle a good idea

    We bought an ex hire MH and have no regrets. We gave it a very thorough inspection and listed all the bits we wanted them to fix - there weren't that many really though, we've seen second-hand MHs on dealers' forecourts in much worse condition! The only thing I would say is be aware that you...
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    Food for Motorhome

    Exactly - they're for emergency use only, to tide you over until you can get to a shop. I must admit that I don't get people who seem to take enough tinned food or food from home to live off for the duration of their trip :confused: For me, one of the best parts of travelling is the food. I...
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    Cheapest route over/under the channel August please ?

    Have a look at - its an easy way to compare the different crossings/companies.
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    What Hose

    We have to use a hose (or a submersible pump) due to the stupid Whale system on our MH and the hose with the special adaptor is 7.5m long. That's plenty long enough for every MH service point we've encountered, but often not quite long enough to reach the tap if you're on a pitch so we've added...
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    Food for Motorhome

    We've been caught out before by unexpected bank holidays and by shops closing early the day before a holiday so we always travel with food for at least a day or two. There's usually at least a bit of protein (cured meats or cheese) in the fridge which can be combined with stuff from the...
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    G7 protests in Basques territory

    Finally found a few more things (all translations courtesy of Google ;)).....its not clear if there will be protests at the border, or whether its a precautionary measure just in case because the summit coincides with one of the busiest weekends for northbound traffic...
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    G7 protests in Basques territory

    Its not really clear from the leaflet what they are going to be protesting about (and I've not been able to find anything online either), my guess would be they're planning on interrupting the border traffic to highlight that the Basque country is currently split in two by the France-Spain...
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    G7 protests in Basques territory

    Thanks! We're planning on driving from Biscarrosse area to Pamplona on 27th August....hopefully it'll all be over by then :oops: We'd actually originally thought to visit Biarritz on the way past, but in the end decided to leave it for this year....good job really coz we totally missed that the...