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    Folding eBikes - anyone using one?

    More ergonomic, intuitive pedalling, controlling the level of exercise vs electrical support, resulting in greater range per kilo of battery. Dave
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    Folding eBikes - anyone using one?

    We have had 2 Bromptons since 2005. I electrified one with a nano motor and in due course the wife got a full size Raleigh with a Bosch mid drive. I must confess I now wouldn't get another electric bike without a torque sensor (Brompton nano hasn't, Bosch has). Dave
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    Monday 17th Feb ' La Villajoyosa ' Trip

    Sheddy, Likely for us, too, thanks! Dave & Ali
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    What is your favourite cooking appliance?

    Induction hob from Lidl, £30. Great for full English, bacon frying in the open air, steak dinners, Hairy Bikers One Pot Wonders, etc. Easy and compact to store, easy to clean, no mess inside, perfect off EHU too via an inverter. 2kW max but I've never cooked at more than a kW, perhaps 1.2kW to...
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    Albir Lighthouse Walk

    Sounds good! Dave and Ali
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    If you are going to the CMC Baltic Wharf site

    Sorry if this has been posted before on Fun re Baltic Wharf.:
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    Dave's birthday.

    Yes, please, Polly! Dave & Alison
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    Cines Colci Rincón showing 1917 in English

    Perfect! We wanted to see that film. Thanks for the heads-up; we'll be there. Dave DABs & Alison
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    Man down !! No play for Tonka.

    Do what the Dr ordered, Steve. You paid the price of those Irish bars you took us to! 😉 Dave DABS
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    Sunday 19th January.....Daz n Tina are hosting an ‘ at home’...

    If our pitch is clear when we arrive as near noon as possible, we'll head straight over. Dave & Alison
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    Sunday 19th January.....Daz n Tina are hosting an ‘ at home’...

    Daz n Tina, Thank you. We'd love to 🙂. See you then if not before 👌 Dave and Alison
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    Fitting out MH for first trip

    Standards, Sue, so you don't need one.
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    Rally Chat Mosel Rolling Meet 2019.

    Any arriving before first thing tomorrow you will have two riverside pitches with 16A EHU being vacated. Dave
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    Rally Chat Mosel Rolling Meet 2019.

    😁 Twas me, Riverbankannie, as in the backdrop to Snowbird's bottle of wine above, and Alison. I hope you managed some decent sleep in the end because you have a long journey. Beware long blinks! Dave
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    Anyone in Camping Villasol