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    Fitting out MH for first trip

    Standards, Sue, so you don't need one.
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    Rally Chat Mosel Rolling Meet 2019.

    Any arriving before first thing tomorrow you will have two riverside pitches with 16A EHU being vacated. Dave
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    Rally Chat Mosel Rolling Meet 2019.

    šŸ˜ Twas me, Riverbankannie, as in the backdrop to Snowbird's bottle of wine above, and Alison. I hope you managed some decent sleep in the end because you have a long journey. Beware long blinks! Dave
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    Anyone in Camping Villasol
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    Inverter question

    Keith, Check-out the Fun inverter guide here: Dave
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    Low voltage on EHU

    With some vans - mine :-( - low mains voltage means the fridge keeps on alarming until you pull the EHU from the van. Just switching the fridge/freezer to gas isn't enough. It's mostly a temporary thing until campers switch off their electric space and water heaters, electric cookers, electric...
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    Is a B2B charger what we need?

    I have a 50Amp Sterling B2B for sale, but offer the following advice in your situation: 1) More battery Ah is a priority. 2) Check your alternator charge rate into your leisure battery depleted by at least 50%. With decent cabling, plenty should be on tap, but with just a single battery...
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    Best pvc for insulation?

    Had a Murvi Morello for 9 years. Lovely van but I wouldn't want to stay in it for a week's skiing in minus 20 deg C with a wind blowing. The whoosh bang seals, the rear door seals, the thermal bridges, she canna' take it, Capt.
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    Position of sat nav Illegal Police advise!

    I don't know whether I was supposed to, but I didn't get any alert from your @DABurleigh. From national newspapers at the time, for example: and just 6 weeks ago...
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    Position of sat nav Illegal Police advise!

    Haven't read all the comments but my understanding of the law since 1 March 2017 is that a built-in satnav is OK, a portable mounted (not obscuring driver's view) dedicated 'dumb' satnav is OK, BUT a portable mounted dedicated satnav with traffic data, say, along with a mounted smartphone, MUST...
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    Rally Twin Lakes - France Meet 2017

    PĆ©tanque competition
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    Rally Twin Lakes - France Meet 2017

    Was indeed great fun. Everyone so chilled :-)
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    Rally Twin Lakes - France Meet 2017

    Eurotunnel now booked, so please book us in from the 6th for a week. EHU reserve list, please. Dave & Alison (& Zoe the golden)
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    Rally Peterborough Show 2017

    Thanks to all Funsters who helped make it such an enjoyable weekend! I wish, like Jim, I could have 5 great chefs to cook my breakfast every day :-) Cheers Dave (& Alison)
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    Rally Peterborough Show 2017

    Zoe sees she has some competition, Jock :-) DABs