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    I'm in the money

    Just had a text from "Tax Office" I'm due a refund from my "city counciill" all spellings verbatim.
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    Hymer version number

    We have a winner (from 2005 brochure)
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    Hymer version number

    Sorry just me being daft! My vote is for LHD 524 pre 2006 (double bed at back)
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    ACSI card

    Thanks thought so, probably not bother this year then.
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    ACSI card

    Can anyone tell me does the card last 12months from purchase or Jan-Dec, there website just says "1 calendar year"
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    Hymer version number

    That's a version 1, the invisible one............from version 2 onwards they became gradually more visible, happy to help:D
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    The Masons Arms Microbrewery and C L Yeovil Somerset

    That depends if you are on the level!
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    Rally Pickering 5 night rally Thurs 25th July 2019 ( FULL)

    No worries, hope you all have a good time, have to be quicker on the ball next year:)
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    Rally Pickering 5 night rally Thurs 25th July 2019 ( FULL)

    Moving up the reserve list, then relegated 1 position????
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    Life as a Single Motorhomer

    Enjoy. I'm solo all the time and enjoy my own company, very rare I fall out with myself!!
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    Rally Shrewsbury Family vintage weekend 6-7 July 2019

    Thanks Martin, me and the dog had a good to attack the van full of grass clippings!!!
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    FOR SALE Honda CG125,

    Tell us more
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    Andorra - any thoughts

    And building sites, roadworks (nice scenery though)
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    Discount for singles