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    Hello from the sunny Isle of Man

    :WelcomeFlag: Beautiful place even in bad weather
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    Morrisons Boroughbridge ,Yorkshire

    No overnight allowed at Morrisons Boroughbridge but no height barrier problems for shopping. The car park is tolerated I think but sometimes is taken over by our travelling friends. Also seen people parked up here 54°06'50.0"N 1°24'33.7"W
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    Tam &Toby do Europe ...Take two

    Maybe they've been reading your posts and seen you're voting SNP:D
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    My old Hymer turned up

    On a well known auction site 283654827497 item number. Anyone on here? Bit too dear methinks.
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    Cover for Fiamma 200 DJ Ducato bike rack? Te "Concept" covers the bikes completely in a kind of cocoon
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    Cite Europe

    They must take pot luck as to which way you are heading otherwise they could end up further south rather than Blighty
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    Cite Europe

    They weren't being aggressive or anything but good to know the police are on the ball
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    Cite Europe

    Tuesday night (29th) some foreign looking chaps were wandering around the motorhomes when I took the dog for her last wee. At 3am there was a commotion outside as the police with very loud angry looking Alsatians were rounding them up or chasing them off. First time I've seen or heard any problems.
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    Vinyl wrap

    Or contravision.
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    Vinyl wrap

    The SKY vans are approx £2000 a time, to think my dad used to do everything by hand.
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    Cut off in me prime

    Couldn't work out why I was not allowed to post, then found an email in junk folder from 2.50 pm yesterday (I'm travelling in France) All sorted now I have some weefee and paid up.
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    Rally 3rd BRING & BUY ( 14 - 18 ) MAY 2020

    Put me down please + ehu if poss
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    Updated Conversion Regs From 21 October 19. Graphics And Awning Now Required

    The graphics on my sidecar in my avatar were all my own work, although retired I still have all my kit and software.