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  • Hi
    Can you tell me what the fresh water fill up system is when we arrive at Chester please?
    Regards, Peter
    Hi Conal and Hillary,
    I am really enjoying your posts,
    How often do you use your bikes, we plan on buying a couple when we get to UK, do you recommend ebikes?? And what type have you got??
    Thank you for sharing your blogs! Keep having fun.
    Sally and Mariska
    Reactions: Conal
    Thanks for your comments.
    We originally bought Bromptons to fit in the rear locker but Hilary needed a bit of assistance. We needed a "compact" model as Hilary wants to be able to touch the ground with both feet so chose a Kalkhoff Sahel. Unfortunately she couldn't get to grips with the power and it is heavy for her, so we're now considering a Brompton e-bike and I will keep the Kalkhoff.
    Hope this helps, Conal
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