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  • We are about to start advertising the truck, not much point in keeping both.
    Nigel & Pamala
    Hi guys
    sorry we have not got back before-we have been preoccupied.
    We are planning a visit to Clacton.
    They have a lot more than listed on Ebay so worth asking for current stock list
    Sorry for multiple message - it will only allow 140 characters. Did you keep your pick up / camper as well as the N & B?
    E mailed them to ask for a stock list and then haggled. I will see if I still have the contact details and if I find them I will send them.
    I think we got the matting from Dura Composites in Clacton though I found them through their EBay shop that they use to get rid of offcuts.
    Hi - Sorry for the slow reply - I only just noticed the message. N & B's look great quality kit.
    Hi (again)
    I wrote a big message to you----but had to keep reducing it-----More than 420 characters-------I thought it was quite nice, but can't remember it to repeat it !!!!!!!!!!
    Hi guys
    We met at Tattingstone--how are you getting on with that fantastic Frankia ??
    We now have a Niesmann+Bischoff Flair (old one!)-so we now have a garage to store some fibreglass grip track, and being two wheel drive (rear--it's an Iveco), we MAY have the need for them ! ---soo-I have found a company in Essex that sells/makes it----Anglia Composites-I wonder if it's the same one ???
    Nigel & Pamala
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