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    The rug brightens up the room makes it look sunny and warm(y)
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    Newish van? How big is your gas locker

    2010 Autocruise Rhythm. - 2 x 6kg..
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    Free MotorhomeFun YearBook and Journal

    Ordered, hoping you get enough sponsors/advertisers to make it happen and as others have said willing to pay something for one.
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    MotorhomeFun Magazine

    Thank you, two and hold did it. šŸ˜Š
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    MotorhomeFun Magazine

    Thank you Jim .enjoyed reading it, was just thinking that the only thing it needed was page numbers and hey presto there they were but I haven't a clue how I got the preview pages with numbers along the bottom of the screen and couldn't replicate when I went back to finish reading the excellent...
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    MotorhomeFun Magazine

    I'm patient and persistant so tried again and have now managed to download it. Didn't change anything here so thank you Jim will now curl up in a comfie chair and ignore housework. šŸ™‚
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    MotorhomeFun Magazine

    Tried and tried and tried but getting error as others have that "there was a problem generating your subscription, please try again" Android 9 on phone, Android 7 on tablet. šŸ˜¢
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    Free MotorhomeFun YearBook and Journal

    Yes please and thanks for this years, very useful.:)
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    Chaser, if you are so against this app and want to start a campaign to stop people using it why not start by contacting the emergency services that value it and point out "the error of their ways"
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    Toast maker advice

    Dry frying pan here, makes toast just as good if not better than all the gadgets, saves space too.
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    THIS week I bought

    An awning light to replace the one we broke trying to remove it after discovering that was where the water was coming from that gathered in the searbelt holder and resulted in me travelling with a carrier bag over my chest under the wet seat belt.
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    MH insurance for PVC kept on road

    Ours through Camping and Caravanning Club do.
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    WIN a Lithium Battery from the Battery Megastore

    So I have entered, thanks
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    Towbars in Scotland

    Agree Buchans - Edinburgh and Glasgow. Newbridge No. 0131 333 5060
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    What do you call your moho and why?

    Came back from our last trip away to find that granddaughter had named the kitchen appliances - Labels included "Grumpy" the fridge, "Frenzy" the washing machine "Huffy" the tumble drier and "Rattler" the dishwasher. :whistle: At least she had used them :LOL: