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    Toast maker advice

    Dry frying pan here, makes toast just as good if not better than all the gadgets, saves space too.
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    THIS week I bought

    An awning light to replace the one we broke trying to remove it after discovering that was where the water was coming from that gathered in the searbelt holder and resulted in me travelling with a carrier bag over my chest under the wet seat belt.
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    MH insurance for PVC kept on road

    Ours through Camping and Caravanning Club do.
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    WIN a Lithium Battery from the Battery Megastore

    So I have entered, thanks
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    Towbars in Scotland

    Agree Buchans - Edinburgh and Glasgow. Newbridge No. 0131 333 5060
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    What do you call your moho and why?

    Came back from our last trip away to find that granddaughter had named the kitchen appliances - Labels included "Grumpy" the fridge, "Frenzy" the washing machine "Huffy" the tumble drier and "Rattler" the dishwasher. :whistle: At least she had used them :LOL:
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    What do you call your moho and why?

    Ours is Stoney 'cos after buying him we were stoneybroke, coincidently our house was called Stoneybroke because although it only cost £25 plus lawyers fees 53 years ago we were stoneybroke when we moved in a year later. Name not really used now but still geta couple of letters from folk that...
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    Glasgow MOT

    @bigtree or @irnbru might help, I think Tam from opposite side of the country.If you have no luck can help for Central Scotland
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    Habitation lights.

    @autorouter @mitzimad @The Wino if interested we found the original fault after making a new earth. When the bundle of wires were unscrambled this is what we found.
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    Habitation lights.

    @autorouter and @The Wino Lights now all working. Earthed to bodywork, found a bundle of wires not connected - no idea where they have come from or what they are supposed to do BUT the lights work. Thank you all
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    Habitation lights.

    A wee bit further forward, definitely poor earth. The ceiling lights would never have worked because the wires don't go anywhere. We couldn't have checked that when we got it. Reading lights, Jim has managed to get to work out of situ earthing onto screw in back door. Does anyone know where...
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    Habitation lights.

    Thanks both,going to try the suggestions and hope something helps, will update when done.
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    Habitation lights.

    We have a 2010 Autocruise Rhythm. The reading/spot lights on the offside and the 2 ceiling lights of 3 (the ones nearest the back) are not working. Have removed lights and on reading lights have 12volts on one wire to earth and 13 volts on the other wire. If this is correct can anyone tell me...
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    A Motorhome tracker you'd be stupid not to fit.

    Also interested, thank you.
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    Scottish C***van and Motohome Show SECC

    @BusyBuilder I would have but got soaked walking from car, would have drowned in the rain from there :(but next time. At least there was plenty room to wander around.