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  • Not a vogue, a Swift Escape.

    What didn't work was getting Glaucoma in both eyes and losing my C1 licence so I could no longer drive it without downrating and losing most of my payload. Otherwise it was fine. Still drive cars and anything under 3500Kg
    No, sorry. Were were you when we needed each other in October last year? I part exchanged it for my Autosleepers Stanton and I got nothing for the SV-tech up-rate to 3850 Kg, the £10,000 worth of E&P automatic self levelling and the VB full air suspension I had fitted. It was only 6 months old and 3,000miles. Tragic!
    I have a 3 month old Imala that doesn’t work for one interested in paying me for the £3000 of extras
    What didnt work for you on the Vogue- warts n all please
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