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    A downsizing question, does a replacement exist?

    We downsized from a Swift 7.5m coachbuilt to a AT V Line 635SE, and we are delighted we made the swop. The twin beds configuration is great for us, I’m 6’1 so sleep on the near side bed which is a few inches longer than the offside one. Our Springer Flossie sleeps on the floor between us in her...
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    Amalfi Coast-Italy

    Hi Guys, Have many of you braved the drive down the west coast of Italy along the Amalfi Coast and down to Positano. I was hoping to do an 8 week trip to Italy leaving at the end of August in our new AT V Line 635. But we have heard so many disparaging comments from other motorhomes about the...
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    Autotrail V Line 636 sport.

    Hi, We’ve found the front dinette with the smaller round table really useful, ideal for coffee stops etc, and the extra space provided by the large cupboard behind the drivers seat with the locker above has been a godsend. We obviously only needed a 2 berth, and this layout proved the most...
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    Autotrail V Line 636 sport.

    We have a 2018 (Dec 23rd) AT V Line 635SE and we love it. Just got back after 7 weeks away down to Portugal. It has the rear lounge, twin beds, which is great. I’m 6’1 and my wife is 5’9 and we have no issues with the twin beds. The n/s bed is long enough for me. We’ve done 6,000 miles with no...
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    Difficult to read Ducato Speedo

    Thanks for that, I wasn’t aware that was the actual ‘mod’! I’ll just stick to relying on the Sat Nav for a Speedo as it’s still so difficult to read in the daytime.
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    Difficult to read Ducato Speedo

    We have a 6 month old Autotrail V Line with the well known issue regarding the difficult to read speedo and dash. Has anyone heard, or indeed had carried out, a rectification by Fiat to rectify this problem. I read somewhere that Fiat did a recall on vans 2015 onwards???
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    Auto Trail V Line? Experience?

    We purchased a new Autotrail V Line 635 SE in January 2019, downsizing from a Swift Bolero coachbuilt 7.5m which we owned for 6 years. We have just arrived home after a 7 week trip to Portugal covering 4K miles. It’s been great, and we love it. Contrary to all the bad things I keep reading about...
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    Polyplastic Side Windows

    We have a 6 month old Autotrail V Line 635SE, and have been very pleased with it. It’s now done 4k and we’re on our way home from Portugal currently near Irun. We’ve noticed funny marks appearing on one of the side windows( not condensation) but marks between the double glazing? It seems to be...
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    Faro up to Cherbourg

    Thanks for that. We’re in no rush to get back to Cherbourg, and want to do some sightseeing and nice stops on the way. We have to find a good vet near Cherbourg to get our Spaniel sorted with the necessary treatment for entry back into the UK.
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    Faro up to Cherbourg

    Will be starting out long haul back from the Algarve to Cherbourg in a day or two, Any favored routes from you guys? Don’t mind the odd toll road.
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    New Ducato Euro 6 Engine Performance

    Haven’t tried the Hill Descent button yet, managed everywhere dropping into 3rd so far. Might try it through Andorra and over the Pyrenees next month.
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    New Ducato Euro 6 Engine Performance

    Hi, we have an Autotrail v Line 635, new Dec 2018. Were now in Portugal and it’s done nearly 4K and seems to be going extremely well now, returning on Ave 32mpg. It’s a 130bhp manual, Based on Fiat Ducato. I was a bit concerned after reading these Euro 6 engines use a lot of oil, but we haven’t...
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    Portuguese Toll Roads

    Anyone had much experience on using the toll roads down through Portugal from Santiago to Porto and onto the Algarve. We have a transponder which works great through France and Spain, and we’re led to believe it worked through Portugal, but other MH’s have told us to beware that the toll roads...
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    Recommendations Portugal

    On our first visit to Portugal, heading down from Santiago de Compostela tomorrow, any recommendations for nice places to stop and visit perhaps around Vigo down to Porto or further South? Thanks
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    Speeding France

    I got flashed going through a town in Germany last September, 44kms in a 40limit, just as the limit reduced from 50kms per hour. My Sat Nav still showed I was in a 50km zone unfortunately. My fault I guess not paying enough attention. Got a 15 Euro fine a few weeks later. No points. Has anyone...