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    RIP Andrew

    So sad and shocked to hear this news. We were both so fond of Carol and Andrew and will never forget the lovely Christmas and New Year we spent with them in Benidorm 2012/13. Our thoughts are very much with Carol and Anna. xx
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    Can you get a discount on Brittany Ferries

    We get discount with Brittany Ferries (I think its only about 10 or 15%) on the Santander run by quoting a friend's Brittany Ferries Membership number. You can do this as it asks on the form whether you are a member or a guest. So, if you know anyone who does have membership, ask them if you...
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    We've used Andy = he's magic. We were in Marjal and he took a caravan there for himself as he was doing so much work on the site.
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    Rally News Flash !!! Pembrey Country Park Rally 26-28 Sept

    And the last ones standing have now arrived home. What a great meet - the most enjoyable we've ever been on. Its all been said about the fantastic food, company, weather and venue but no-one has mentioned the fab Saturday bike ride along the coastal path to Burry Port and Llanelli. Nor did...
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    Packing Fruit/Veg For France

    I think on your first trip it is sensible to take a few days supplies with you. We also take the things we can't get there - like particular tea bags, baked beans, corned beef. Having said that, on our recent trip, I hardly bothered with any of the things I took. Oh, I always take packs of...
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    Calais Aires or City de Europe

    Not stayed at Cite but on our recent trip Aires generally were filling up early so might find there is no space late at night. Have stayed in the past on the Calais Aire and it has been very busy. Cite seems entirely the best option for the tunnel.
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    August Bank Holiday

    Dunsfold We're visiting Mike's daughter over the August bank holiday weekend, so won't be available. Thanks for the invite Catherine, sounds nice.
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    It's all gone tits up !!!!

    Steve, please give Jeannie our best wishes for a speedy recovery. A very nasty thing, that. Carolyn x
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    The Time has Come

    Sorry to hear that, Ivy but good on you for making the decision before its made for you. We haven't met up with you a great deal on our travels but will enjoy the memories of when we have. You are still the only funsters we have met on Marine Drive! All the very best to you both and...
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    Camping Villasol - Benidorm

    We're not going this Christmas but had a great time at Villasol Xmas 2012. So good, in fact, we went back for another week in March on our way home when Brisey and Pamelaar, along with Tonka and Irene, introduced us to the downtown night life - didn't get to see Sticky Vicky though...
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    Aires warning?

    In my experience the people who think its dangerous don't actually understand what we motorhomers mean when we talk about aires. They think "motorway service station" and remember the tabloid stories they have read. I often find myself having to explain about the lovely aires and...
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    Denmark visit

    We got back from Jutland a month or so ago. Why not drive all the way? No tolls on roads in Holland, Germany or Denmark other than the Storebaelt (bridge between Funen and Zealand). We took 3 days from Dover without hurrying going via Utrecht, north of Arnhem, through the Elbe tunnel in...
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    Brittany Ferry Bilbao/Santander to Portsmouth?

    Have done it three or four times. Lovely buffet in dining room for evening meal and breakfast; cinema and evening entertainment (not particularly good but something to do). Take binoculars up to the cabin as it is possible to see interesting seabirds and at some times of the year, whales...
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    Shrewsbury 2013

    Erection party Mike and I will be erecting our new Kampa airframe awning on Friday afternoon at Shrewsbury. To celebrate this event, we invite all to partake of Pimms with nibbles. From 4.30 p.m. Please bring a glass and chair (and anything else you might want to drink). :thumb...
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    * Spain, Malaga 2014 (5th - 25th March) UPDATE

    Us too - don't know how we got missed off this! :BigGrin: