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  • Hi there.
    I am booked on to the "Soul Survivors" weekend. Unfortunately, my campervan failed the MOT a few weeks ago and needs major work. I don't think it will be ready in time for me to attend. As always, I have had a sharp intake of breath from the garage and been told" I'll do my best but can't guarantee"! What would you prefer me to do?
    Hi I know it is a bit late but we are new to the site and only just seen 60's Soul Survivors weekend but looks good so can you add us to the reserve List.
    Many thanks Tara and Paul
    I thought I did was probably distracted in that bob&den kitchen last night could you please put us down on the list for your Soul rally and let us know how and when to pay .
    Many thanks Cliff Brenda
    Hi booked for your meet to day worried about paying you deposit as I don't internet bank how can I pay you ?
    We are going to chester rally if thats an option or a bank
    transfer I would need name
    of bank & address sorry for
    being a pest .jan.
    Hi I am down for the 60s soul weekend and thought it was Saturday and Sunday , we cannot come until the Saturday as I have double booked myself will there e dancing on the Saturday night? Joyce
    Hi Ken thanks for mail paid this morning if possible could please add Suztonto reserve list Jeanette's sister and brother in law very keen to come how are you and Lyn still enjoying the sun has your alcohol supplies lasted regards Ron & Jeanette
    Hi Ken, can you please add us to the reserve list for 60's weekend in May 2015.
    If we are successful we will pay you immediately on reservation.
    Ron & Jeanette x
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