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  • Hi Cally & Tonty,

    Are you still coming to Misterton can you please confirm if you are xx
    Apologies for delay in responding Sheila.
    Hi Cally and Tony, see you Friday all being well. We may have someone coming to look at our van so will have to add a bit of sparkle, rubbing alcohol or Austins?
    All the best,
    Pauline & Mike
    Look forward to seeing you. Good luck with van sale, Austin's is for internal use only, it makes you feel calm , relaxed and happy, I would recommend it highly!!!
    See you soon and we can sample the ciders together, maybe not all 40
    Cally, Tony, are you going to Spain/Portugal next winter?? If you are could you keep us informed as we would like to go as well and Tina has been stocking up with Austins. See you soon Daryl and Tina
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