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  • High,,,anyone been across to Corsica and toured? Just been looking at Rough Guide and it sounds wonderful and return ferry not to expensive either,,BUSBY,,

    Hi busby, did you ever go to Corsica ? Thinking about it for next year if Brexit turns out ok !
    Hi Busby I am interested in the bike rack you have for sale. I am local to Derby but away for the weekend so would not be able to collect until next week if it is still for sale. Thanks. Albial
    Hi busby, I am still hoping to receive details from you regarding the £40 fee for the 3 year medical. Kindly acknowledge.
    Hi Busby, glad to read your comments on this site, and I would be interested to know more about your £40 fee for the 3year medical, can you kindly send me details of the Doctor concerned.
    Now then busby, REF: Nov 2013, "Andorra" guess you've stopped at LA frontera? Was there a bus from the campsite, or was there one from La Seu u rgell? And then, without being intrusive, did you go in and out a few times? Considering similar thing to load up with booze and bacca 4 stay in Costa Brava. Sorry for the post on the profile, but I wasn't sure of how to start the conversation through that way. Thank you.
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