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    Weymouth, Dorset tonight? Anywhere 'free' - pub parking ?

    If anyone happens to be on Facebook there is a group called Campingpubs. Just name a place and you will get a list of suggestions.
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    ALCOHOL ... how much do you imbibe?

    We were in the same position 41 years ago. He passed away at a day old. My mum, a devout Christian told me after that she had prayed for him. If he was ok he would survive, but that if he was to have severe health problems he would not.
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    Introduced Signaller Crayfish

    Just drop into boiling water as you would a lobster th hen cook for a few minutes til they turn pink. Bodies are very small and hard to get into, can't just peel like prawns, claws are ok. I just turn them into a prawn cocktail.
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    Callow Top Campsite- Ashbourne- Funster Warning

    No idea what it's called but it's tucked in a corner of Ashbourne market square.
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    Little things I like about France

    Great place to be. I was living near Montendre 2001-2008.
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    After Koblenz?

    If you're heading through the Ardennes Bouillon is a lovely town in a loop of the River Semois. It has a mediaeval castle and a free Aire next to the tennis courts.
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    Ferry or Train

    No dog and always take the tunnel. But some years ago travelling back from Caen with a dog the vet gave me a mild sedative for her and she slept all the way.
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    What's yours called..?

    Ours has always been just 'the van' but this one I've named 'The Yellow Peril'. Never know what she's going to do next!!
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    Here we are at the tunnel again

    The Yellow Peril parked up in Gravelines. Now at Au Cap Compas for a meal. Le Symphonie is fully booked!!!
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    Easy way to USB’s

    Welcome, I'm Tamworth born and bred. @ymfb I used to work at Wilnecote High School, you wouldn't recognise Tinkers Green now!
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    Fun Yearbook 2018

    Mines here aswell. Couldn't be better. One for each van ( when the self build is finished). Thanks Jim x
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    Threaded channel on the back of my Van?

    To cover the join??
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    What are you up to this weekend?

    At CCCDDA bonfire meet with my granddaughter, always a good weekend for kids. Charlie is at home helping his son with a self build camper van!
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    San merino today. Any ideas for the route back to france

    Agree, Portofino and Ventimiglia are our usual route.
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    Found the sun at rimini

    Your names not Paulo, Marco or Stephano by any chance, is it?