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    Coronavirus General Discussion Thread

    Too many 'experts'. Too many disparate agencies. No real cohesion between public and private organizations. Churchill appointed Beaverbrook Minister of Aircraft Production in the war to persuade, bribe, cajole and threaten to get what he wanted. I think we need such an appointment now to act as...
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    Self Isolation Songs Titles

    Whale meat againnn, don't know where don't know when.
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    Greta Thunburg

    Can't help thinking our current problem is so much more immediate. A virus has shown what it can do to the world in a mater of months. Let's face it we could be the last representatives of the human race. If not this time, maybe the next. Or the next. So does she really matter ?
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    Self Isolation Songs Titles

    Midnight in Moscow - Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
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    Desperate already ? What's your favourite words?

    Forget the above, I meant - buggerlugs Infernal computer.
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    Desperate already ? What's your favourite words?

    Bigger pubs.
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    Desperate already ? What's your favourite words?

    I just noticed this. Oiling yer bike in bed ?.. Is this code for some foul act of self-pollution ? You self-pollute your way and I'll self-pollute mine ! Thank you.
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    God bless the NHS

    So very sad we seem to make a habit in this country of sending service personnel, and now carers in all forms, in harm's way on our behalf totally unequipped for their tasks. We never learn.
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    Self Isolation Songs Titles

    I did it my waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaay !
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    RIP: Tony Rutter

    Anyone who rides this course deserves respect.
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    Desperate already ? What's your favourite words?

    I was sitting up in bed this morning oiling my bike, when I thought what are my favourite words ? Three immediately sprang to mind. All Indian ? derived, perhaps cos' my Dad served in India before the war. Sorry rambling. Anyway here goes :- JUGGERNAUT MAYHEM HOOLIGAN 'My Dad was a...
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    Coronavirus and the Funster Network

    Thanks Jim.
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    Tow-car conversion / A-Frame fitting - anyone near Peterborough?

    Don't know if they do this, but try ringing 'Out and About Motorhome and Caravan Services' of Langtoft, near Bourne.
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    Anyone got a spare £2 million?

    I know one young couple .............
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    Peugeot Boxer 1.9TD Driver's Handbook

    Hi, Not yet. Seems to be more stuff availability for the updated 2.0 that appeared later that year.