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  • Hi Brendan Elaine and Colin here. Don't know if you remember from Dumfries Rally we talked about my Kiwi 5 yr old grandson's love of planes and air traffic control? He's visiting with us in Bishopbriggs until 15th Sept. Would a visit to your place of work be a possibility at all? Not a problem if not convenient etc. Just thought I'd ask anyway. Cheers if you prefer.
    Hi Brendan had a great time will keep in touch sorted juice dip was a return pipe from injector quick snip n put back on tight as ducks ass now tomorrow auchinstarry quarry enjoy rest of your Holliday
    Good to meet up, and glad you got the leak fixed, diesel costs too much to throw it away.
    Hope the fishing went well, I'm sure we'll meet up again in a carpark or field.
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