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  1. Dog buggy/cycle trailer-could take to Stratford

    Reply to question by 'Brella' on the classified ad 'Dog buggy/cycle trailer-could take to Stratford'

    Wish this was big enough for our 35kg labrador.
  2. Brella

    Battery charge on or off?

    We have kept electric on while we are have cold nights. When nights warm up we will turn electric off and just have it running off solar. We haven't got the fridge on as emptied and cleaned it out until lockdown over.
  3. Brella

    Easter 2020 Subs Sale

    Just bought a 5 year sub but it wasn't added onto to my yearly sub that runs out in June. It says my sub runs out April 2025 with is 5 years from now so have I lost 2 months or will the data sort itself out at a later date?
  4. Brella

    Rally 3rd BRING & BUY ( 14 - 18 ) MAY 2020

    We haven't paid deposit yet either but could you keep us on the list for next year. Thank you and keep safe .
  5. Brella

    SORN??..Insurance impact?

    We sorned our last week. Both tax and insurance due 2nd April. Renewed insurance with same cover but less mileage so £50 cheaper. We are with comfort and they know it is sorn and said most people doing this but dropping mileage. The good thing is bills won't come in all at once next year.
  6. Brella

    Northern France near calaise

    That's great. We went in the afternoon before our scheduled appointment and they saw us straight away too.
  7. Brella

    What are you up to this weekend?

    Thank you, but we want to be a bit nearer home. About halfway. So looking off A1 Peterborough, Grantham.
  8. Brella

    What are you up to this weekend?

    At Montreuil sur mer aire in France. Ready to get eurotunnel back to England tomorrow. 4 other funsters are here too. We will then be looking for a pub stop to get some tasty English food and a good pint of beer and cider. ??
  9. Brella

    Northern France near calaise

    Aire in Buchy also.
  10. Brella

    Northern France near calaise

    Also vet at Buchy in Normandy very friendly and speaks good English. I'm sure they could help.
  11. Brella

    A photo of the outside from Inside

    Wild camping near altea, benidorm.
  12. Brella

    What are you up to this weekend?

    We are enjoying the Devesa camping gardens resort near valencia.
  13. Brella

    Rally 2020 Thetford Bash

    Sorry we are north Lincolnshire. And bestie still teaching so only has that week off. ?
  14. Brella

    Rally 2020 Thetford Bash

    I'm really sorry but just realised this is the start of the May half term and I've promised my bestie that we will fly somewhere hot to celebrate her 50th. Therefore can't make it this year. Sorry again. ??