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    Avico wiring

    Have a look on this site John
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    Choices abound..but which one to go for?

    In our last 3 motorhomes, Carthago, Euramobil and Mobilvetta, we have removed the fixed table, taken everyting of the actual table, attached swing down legs and carried it on bed or in wardrope. It is almost impossible in any motorhome to get a table that you can actually reach all cupboards...
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    member disounts

    Try this. it is in Subscribe
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    Why? Have you bought one and regretting it already? John
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    Slow Cooking on the move!

    Have cooked chicken in slow cooker many times while on the move. Also took breadmaker with us to Norway and made our own bread for the 8 weeks we were there. John
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    Norway this may be of interest

    PM me and I will give you email and phone number
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    Norway this may be of interest

    What would you like to know? We went for 10 weeks in 2013 in our 8.8m long, 3.6m high, 6 tonne motorhome. We took ferry from Hirtshalls to Larvik then travelled all the way to the top, over to Kirkines down through Finland stopping off to talk to Santa in Rovaneimi before getting ferry from...
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    Motorhome on Iveco Daily chassis

    We have a 2006 (which is probably a 2005 Iveco build) Carthago motorhome built on the Iveco 60C15 and weighs 6 tonnes. It is 3.6m high and very flat fronted therefore not conducive to returning high mpg. Engine, which is the 2.8 delivering 146hp, has been re-mapped and I have an Excel programme...
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    Renewal from Safeguard

    Contacted Safeguard last month and they quoted just over £100 more than Comfort. They then came down £50 less than Comfort but I insisted on T&C's before committing. On reading T&C's I was amazed to find my 6 tonne motorhome would be recovered in Europe but in UK there is a weight limit of...
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    Dash cams .. doing another order if enough folk interested

    Paid by Paypal and it's first time I've used it this way so let me know if it's wrong Thanks John
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    Dash cams .. doing another order if enough folk interested

    Can I go on list please. Can pay by Paypal Thanks John
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    Problem after purchase

    I have just subscribed so this is first post. My friend has a 2002 Mirage 5000 which he bought privately at 1 year old. He has just spent £5000 getting the front end repaired which included a repair to the steering. It was rust to all the wheel arches etc but as far as I know it was all...
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    4 Men In A Boat.....

    Yes but what UK Border Control didn't tell you was they only found them because the driver, my friend, insisted they look. UKBC asked where he had stayed previous night, Calais Aire, and have you checked this morning that everything OK and nothing disturbed to which he replied yes. Ok sir on...
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    Norway crossing.

    Hi Snowbird Have only just joined so this is first post. We used Colorline last year travelling from Hirtshalls to Larvik and it was excellent with no problems. You can stay overnight at Hirtshalls just head for the railway station and you will see the signs. Also you can travel from...